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Readers React: Readers should know the truth behind The Epoch Times

2020-01-13 Source:Sandiegouniontribune.com Author:Ruth Larson


  A person holds a banner referring to the Qanon conspiracy theory during a alt-right rally on August 17, 2019 in Portland, Oregon. Epoch Times has come to be known for spreading such conspiracy theories.(Getty Images)

  Why is propaganda sold at our grocery stores?

  I was appalled to see, at our community store, this anti-immigrant, conspiracy theory-touting “newspaper,” The Epoch Times, which is tied to Falun Gong, a Chinese cult. This secretive newspaper puts forth political vitriol, online conspiracy theories and promotes Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies.

  During these times when there have been domestic terrorist shootings in El Paso and an increase in all hate crimes, it is irresponsible of stores to sell such trash. It is hailed by neo-Nazis and white supremacists worldwide. Facebook has banned advertising from Epoch Times. Independent reporters have likened it to a Russian troll farm.

  There is no place in our community for foreign-based, anti-immigrant, anti-gay fake news that divides us.

  These are desperate times in which unstable people can be triggered to do violent acts based on what they read. Demand legitimate news from your vendors.

  Ruth Larson

  San Diego


 (Sandiegouniontribune.com, OCT. 13, 2019)

  Original text from: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/story/2019-10-13/readers-should-know-the-truth-behind-the-epoch-times-utak