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The Critical Decision to Quit Falun Gong

2020-04-02 Source:chinafxj.cn

Guan Jian enjoys a "high status" in his family. Although the second child of his illiterate parents, he is the eldest grandson in his extended family. Therefore, he had been loved by his grandfather as "a pearl in the palm” when he was a child. Besides, Guan Jian was very ambitious since he was young, winning a lot of honors for his family. He came top in every examination from the third grade of primary school at the age of 9 to his graduation from junior high school at the age of 16. Later, he became a junior college student of the Secretarial Department of Yulin Normal University. In the "ant colony" of his family, Guan Jian seemed to be the "King of Ants" leading a comfortable life, and he grew up with the idea that whatever his family did for him was perfectly justified.

Strayed into Falun Gong

Guang Jiang began to practice Qigong since he was 10. He practiced various Qigong exercises successively, such as Zhong Gong (founded by Zhang Hongbao), Xiang Gong (by Tian Ruisheng)  and so on, hoping to be able to fly someday like a Kung Fu master in Kung Fu films produced in Hong Kong. In May 1999, Guan Jiang studied in Guiping No.1 middle school as a repeat student of senior three. One day, when he was shopping in a bookstore, he found two books with unique titles - Falun Gong of China and Zhuan Falun. They immediately attracted him like a magnet and soon he started to practice the Falun Gong exercise.

From September 1999 to July 2002, Guan Jian studied as a secretary major in the Junior College of Yulin Normal University of Guangxi. As he read the Falun Gong books and practiced Falun Gong exercise more and more, his personality began to split apart little by little, and his thoughts, words and deeds were gradually controlled by the spirit of heresies. Under the influence of such heresies as "getting rid of human attachment" and "eliminating karma" advocated by Falun Gong cult, he became indifferent, insensitive and cruel to both his family and others.

Since practicing Falun Gong, Guan Jian was convinced that those who prevented him from practicing were what Li Hongzhi called "demons." Six out of the seven members in his family opposed him practicing Falun Gong, so they were all “demons” in his eyes. His resentment towards the CCP and the Chinese government also became stronger, as he assumed that he had been "tortured." So, he frequently disseminated Falun Gong cult information slandering the Chinese government through social media platforms on the Internet, or forwarded information from the Falun Gong websites defaming the Chinese government, and copied & spread Falun Gong CDs illegally, which seriously jeopardized social stability.

Misguided by the fallacies of Falun Gong

Due to Li Hongzhi's boasting about Falun Gong, Guan Jian believed it as a "miraculous exercise" enabling him to reach the magic state of "eternal youth and immortality". Misled by this kind of heresy, Guan Jian, who had been in poor health, saw his health getting progressively worse as he suffered from more and more diseases.

Since 2008, Guan Jian had been immersed in his cultivation, with various illusions often appearing in his mind. Under the strong psychological suggestion, he became more addicted to the heresies of Falun Gong. Having been away from home for a long time, living in a damp and dark room and taking no care of himself, he wasn’t in very good health, often coughing incessantly. From 2009 to 2011, he practiced cross-legged exercise almost every day by pressing hard his legs, which resulted in a large dark patch of ringworm on his inner thighs and buttocks. Besides, he also suffered from tuberculosis, but he neither saw a doctor nor took any medicine.

Mother driven mad by son

Influenced by Li Hongzhi's ideas of "getting rid of human attachments" and "worshiping neither ancestors nor Gods," Guan Jian felt that he wasn’t an "ordinary person," so he became more and more arrogant, looking down upon his parents and even more upon his relatives. Afterward, at the strong request of his parents, Guan Jian went home for a blind date. However, after talking with the girl for a short while, he began to "spread the Fa." Learning that he was practicing Falun Gong, the girl’s face immediately became clouded and then she rose to her feet and took her leave.

Unable to bear such a “blow”, Guan Jian’s mother who was suffering from intermittent schizophrenia started to talk foolishly and sometimes jumped about, her mind completely out of control. She was driven completely mad by his son. Since then, she has been staying in a mental hospital, failing to recover from the illness.

Father died tragically

As the saying goes, “storms gather without warning” in nature, and “bad luck befalls men overnight”. Unexpectedly, Guan Jian’s father also fell ill in bed due to his long-term hard work and was diagnosed with middle-advanced stage cancer at the hospital. In the eyes of those who lived in remote villages, it meant that the life of Guan Jian’s father would soon come to an end.

Guan Jian’s relatives and friends were all very sad after hearing of his father’s illness. However, Guan Jian alone was very angry, shouting at his father, "I told you to practice Falun Gong but you didn’t follow my advice. It's too late to regret now!" He even strongly opposed sending his father to the hospital for chemotherapy, saying that his father needed to "eliminate karma". Finally, his father died of illness painfully.

Retracting from the wrong path

March 2013 marked the beginning of lucky and good times for Guan Jian, as he came across several kind-hearted community volunteers, who provided him with a good opportunity to understand the true colors of the Falun Gong. With their enthusiastic and patient help, Guan Jian learned about the development of Falun Gong, the truth of the "Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident" and the facts about Falun Gong practitioners' suicides and homicides; he also found out the wrong and contradictory ideas in the Falun Gong “scriptures”; Through comparison between the evil cult and Buddhism, he saw through the hypocrisy of Li Hongzhi, who disguised himself as a savior by beautifying Falun Gong with Buddhist concepts. Also, he understood clearly that Falun Gong is an evil cult that has joined the anti-China forces. What’s more, Guan Jian finally recognized his selfishness and ignorance as well as the sins he had committed.

After retracting from the wrong path, Guan Jian cried bitterly. In the mental hospital where his mother stayed, he often fed his mother spoonfuls of porridge gently, but they sat opposite each other saying nothing. Guan Jian’s relatives took him up the mountains to his father’s grave, where he couldn’t help but burst into tears, falling to his knees with a flop and crying aloud: "Dad, I’m back!"