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Believing in the "Law Body" cost my wife’s life

2020-04-24 Source:chinafxj.cn

My name is Wang Chenggang. I live in Dawangzhuang, Shazhen Town, Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province. I married Zhang Shufen in 1980 and two years later, our son Liu Tao was born. After giving birth to my son, my wife fell ill during the confinement period. I loved my wife very much, taking her out after dinner every day for a walk in the town square to improve her health.

One day in 1998, we saw some people practicing an exercise with novel movements in the square. While we were watching nearby, a man came over and told us that what they were practicing was called Falun Gong. He said that practicing it could not only improve our health but also cure our diseases. According to him, if you were sick, all you had to do was to practice the Falun Gong exercise instead of seeking medical treatment to cure your diseases, especially chronic diseases. He claimed that many people had been cured of their diseases in this way.


He also said seriously that if you cultivated well, you could “raise your level”, “achieve Consummation”, and “become an immortal or a Buddha". My wife’s interest was aroused after listening to what he said. She thought that it was an amazing exercise and that if she kept practicing, not only would she recover from her illness, but she would also achieve a healthy body. So we joined the practicing group together.

Every day, entertaining an idea of improving health and curing diseases, we studied the Fa and practiced Gong, and discussed the problems in our practice with fellow practitioners in the town square. Gradually, our mind was filled with the thoughts of Falun Gong.

A leader who practiced with us told us to read more Falun Gong books, and ideally, recite them. So whenever we were free, we would read Zhuan Falun, watch relevant videos, CDs and so on. Slowly, bewitched by such words as "achieve Consummation" and "become an immortal or a Buddha", we were no longer satisfied with just “dispelling diseases” and “keeping fit”, hoping to further "raise our levels”,  “achieve Consummation", and “ascend in broad daylight” to enjoy the happiness as soon as possible.

My wife devoted all her energy to practicing and stopped taking the medicines prescribed by doctors. She firmly believed what Li Hongzhi said, that birth, aging, sickness and death were karmic retribution, and only by cultivation could you become a supernormal person; and that if you put your heart in order and believed that practicing Gong could cure your diseases without medical treatment, then Master Li would heal you even if you stopped taking medicines. My wife told everyone she met that as long as you cultivated seriously, Master would definitely "eliminate karma" for him or her, dispel all his or her diseases, and let him or her achieve a True Enlightenment.

After we had practiced together for more than a year, my wife suffered a seizure and broke out in a cold sweat one day when she was meditating. Our family members urged her to have a break, but she said, "Master is watching me. I mustn’t take a break. With the Master’s blessing, I will surely be fine." Finally, she couldn't hold on any longer before going to bed for a rest. Since then, she would feel pain in her back and legs whenever she was practicing meditation, but she would persist in practicing. Later, she said that she felt her lower body was slowly breaking free from her entire body and that she might achieve Consummation soon.

I was both happy and worried for her after hearing what she said. What made me happy was that she had made advancement in her cultivation, so there was hope for her to achieve “Consummation”; what made me worried was that I hadn’t made the same advancement as my wife, so I had to try to catch up with her.

In July 1999, the Falun Gong cult was banned by the state according to law. It was very hard for us to understand the ban, let alone wake up from our errors. One day, Liu Tao, our son, came back from school with some leaflets from his school advocating against Falun Gong. At the sight of the leaflets, we gave him a good beating and locked him in the house to prevent him from going to school. A kind-hearted neighbor saw it and called privately my elderly father, who came to our home and gave us a good scolding before we released our son.

Nevertheless, my wife warned my son severely that if he spoke ill of Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi she would break relations with him. My father gave my son some living expenses and told him go to school, and then he himself stayed at our home and patiently asked my wife and me to stop practicing to avoid interfering with our son’s schooling. As we didn’t dare to contradict my father openly, we fooled him away from our home and continued our cultivation.

As a result of her long-term refusal of medical treatment, my wife’s condition began to worsen, often accompanied by such symptoms as dizziness, numbness of limbs, palpitation, chest distress, and fatigue and so on. She refused our relatives’ advice to go to the hospital, insisting that going to the hospital and taking medicines would aggravate her karma. She only wanted to wait reverently for the “unswerving help” promised by Master. Later, when she was unable to get up, she practiced on the bed, and this situation continued until 2004.

During the most serious days, my wife could neither eat nor drink, always uttering words such as “ascension” and so on. One day, her whole body convulsed and couldn’t move. It happened that my son, who had just graduated from Liaocheng University with the financial help of his grandfather, stayed at home. So he “forced” his mother to the hospital. When a doctor saw her, he shook his head in a sign of despair, asking us to go back home. My son knelt down before the doctor on the spot and begged him to save his mother. However, the medical treatment came too late to save her, and she gradually stopped breathing.

Hearing of my wife’s death, I burst into loud sobs, unable to believe that my wife should have died just because of my believing in "eliminating karma" and praying devoutly for the protection of Master Li’s “Law Bodies”. I felt deep remorse for not having sent my wife to the hospital for medical treatment earlier.

She was only 44 years old when she died! We have practiced Falun Gong wholeheartedly for so many years, but it only resulted in the tragic death of my wife with no protection from the Master’s “Law Body”. Where was Master’s “Law Body” at the critical time of my wife’s life?

Cruel reality has made me wake up to the true colors of Falun Gong! However, it is now too late to repent. What is left for me is my endless grief for my wife and deep hatred for Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi!

My wife has been dead for more than ten years, but I can never refrain from missing her. Whenever I visit my wife's grave and see the grass growing on the grave, my heart is desolate within me.