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Facebook Marks Idaho Rep. Heather Scott's Post as "false information", Here's Why

2020-04-28 Source:www.khq.com Author:Katherine Barner

According to Facebook, they marked Rep. Scott's post as "False Information" because, "the primary claims in the information are factually inaccurate."

The link that Rep. Heather Scott shared is an hour long documentary on YouTube by "China in Focus - NTD" that investigates and claims COVID-19 was created by human engineering.

The documentary that the "China in Focus - NTD" posted was produced by The Epoch Times. According to our partners at The Spokesman-Review, The Epoch Times is run by the Chinese spiritual sect that hosts the Shen Yun traveling acrobatic dance troupe.

Washington state Representative Matt Shea had also shared the link to the documentary which was eventually removed from his Facebook page.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook is working to stop the spread of false information about the virus through both technology and human review. One of Idaho Representative Heather Scott's Facebook posts has recently been marked as "False Information" by Facebook.

Facebook said their Fact-Checkers marked the link as 'False Information' due to multiple scientific studies indicating that the virus has a natural origin and was not the result of human engineering. Facebook then links users to research done by Health Feedback which is an organization run by the World Health Organization.

Facebook originally hired third-party fact-checkers during the 2016 elections.

Source: https://www.khq.com/coronavirus/facebook-marks-idaho-rep-heather-scotts-post-as-false-information-heres-why/article_627f7894-7f5f-11ea-829b-97e8941d8d9a.html