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A Misguided Falun Gong Practitioner Crippled for Refusing Medical Treatment

2020-05-26 Source:www.facts.org.cn

One day in June 2008, Cheng Li and her fellow Falun Gong practitioners went to a square in the town to hand out Falun Gong flyers furtively. Just as they were about to go home after work, they saw a reckless young man riding a motorcycle out of control whistling and crashing into her. Before Cheng Li knew it, the motorcycle had run heavily over her right and then her left leg. Hearing a click, Cheng Li, who still had a sober mind then, felt that it was the sound of her bone being fractured. Immediately, she lost consciousness of her left leg. Many onlookers were coming over for a look. "Wow, so much blood!" someone screamed suddenly. The sight of her bones broken and exposed with blood was quite scary.

Lying on the ground and unable to move, Cheng Li felt her left leg's trousers were wet, probably due to too much bleeding. Someone called 120 for an ambulance, and another kind-hearted person asked her for her younger brother's phone number. Before long, an ambulance came, and so did Cheng Li's brother. Her brother helped her get on the stretcher to send her to the hospital, but she insisted on not going. Although her brother was worried that she would go into shock if she lost too much blood, she said that there was no need for him to worry about her, and she considered this suffering as the Master helping her to "eliminate karma" and repay "karmic debt" in advance, so that she could "achieve Consummation" as soon as possible. As Zhuan Falun says, "The more you suffer, the better—it pays off your debts faster”.

No matter how hard others tried to persuade her, Cheng Li refused to go to the hospital, which surprised all the people present. Unable to change her mind, her brother had to carry her home on his back. Enduring such a pain which was unbearable even for a strong-minded man, Cheng Li exuded awe-inspiring righteousness, looking very calm and resolute, and firmly believing that everything would come out all right under the protection of Dafa, with nothing to fear.

At that time, her mind being stuffed with Li Hongzhi's Dafa fallacies, she insisted on refusing medical treatment. Although her family members cried and begged her to go to the hospital, she just wouldn't go. Later on, under the meticulous care of her brother and daughter-in-law for five or six days, her legs unexpectedly recovered somewhat instead of becoming completely disabled.

Cheng Li thought to herself: Where’s the deadly danger the doctor had mentioned? I am still alive and well! After my legs have fully recovered, I will study hard the Fa, practice Falun Gong well and distribute leaflets actively. Master Li Hongzhi will surely help me "achieve Consummation" and "fly into paradise" as soon as possible. By that time, I will be again rejuvenated, young forever and definitely immortal. Besides, I will be relieved from the six realms of samsara in this world, become a god or a Buddha through cultivation, and go to "heaven" to live as a celestial being.

Half a month after she got home, however, she still couldn't lie down, having to lean on the bed all the time. As she was unable to move her legs, she could neither meditate nor practice. Whenever she was free, she would read and recite the Scriptures and figure out how to cultivate and promote Falun Gong in the future. It took Cheng Li another three or four months before she could move unsteadily like a little kid learning to walk. At the sight of this, her fellow practitioners praised her for her endurance and attributed it to the power of the "Dafa". In their mind, If Cheng Li had not practiced "Falun Dafa", she would have lost her legs; and if she had gone to hospital for treatment as expected, it would have cost her at least tens of thousands of Yuan, and the worst of all, her "karma" accumulated would have been pushed back.

While her fellow practitioners were praising Falun Gong for its effectiveness, Cheng Li was so happy that she gave a disciple named Acheng 2000 yuan in cash to make promotional materials of Dafa, and also to show her gratitude for Dafa’s blessings in helping her "remove karma" and save her legs——So it served double purposes for her!

After all, Cheng Li hasn't received any systematic treatment while recuperating at home. For instance, her injured left leg hadn’t been fixed with steel nails and screws, nor had it been repaired following the doctor's instructions. Besides, she lost too much blood, her left leg suffered from serious malnutrition and the broken bone hadn't been aligned properly. In the end, there was no way to heal Cheng Li's legs.  Each was growing together in dislocation…