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A Father and His Son’s Journey with Falun Gong

2020-06-04 Source:chinafxj.cn

Lin Guanghong’s mother learned to practice Falun Gong when staying with her daughter in Guangzhou from the end of 1998 to April 1999, and she kept practicing it by herself after coming back home. During a certain time, Lin Guanghong found that the leg joint disease that had tortured her mother for more than 40 years seemed to be relieved. In May 1999, encouraged by his mother, he picked up the book “Zhuan Falun” and began to read it in curiosity. Everything was OK when he did not read it, but once started, he could not put down the book. Since childhood, Lin Guanghong always had a sense of inferiority, being weak and cowardly, believing in God and Buddha, so he had a dream that one day he could become strong and immortal.


Obsessed with practicing Falun Gong led to Lin Guanghong’s human nature gradually becoming distorted. He immersed himself in all kinds of lies fabricated by Li Hongzhi and was more and more separated from real-world life and the normal relationship between people. Previously, he was modest, tolerant, gentle and hardworking, caring for his parents and being quite responsible for his family. But after practicing Falun Gong, Lin Guanghong was always proud of being a “Dafa disciple”, thinking of becoming a Buddha or a celestial being, and he became very selfish, self-interested and self-opinionated. Intimidated by Li Hongzhi’s fallacies, such as “The one who gives birth to your Primordial Spirit is your real mother”“If this sentimentality is not relinquished, you will be unable to practice cultivation”,“The root cause of disease and all misfortune is karma”, etc., Lin Guanghong became unkind and heartless, as he was not only very cold to his relatives and friends but also careless about his children’s education and schooling; even when his parents got sick, he would think that they were paying off their “karma debt” and was unwilling to take them to the hospital. As Lin Guanghong fully believed in the benefits of Falun Gong, he not only alienated himself gradually from his friends and relatives but also regarded their well-meant advice as the “wretched demons” which were interrupting his cultivation.

In July 1999, after the government banned Falun Gong according to law, Lin Guanghong still did not turn back from his wrong path. On the contrary, he was annoyed about it. He was so busy reading and meditating that he had no time and energy to take care of his children. Sometimes, he even explained the “magic” of Falun Gong to his three sons. He thought to himself:  “One member practices Falun Gong, the whole family benefit from Dafa. If my sons start to cultivate earlier, someday they may achieve great Consummation, and it will also be a great virtue for me.” Instigated and driven by his father Lin Guanghong, the young and ignorant Lin Shanshui started to practice Falun Gong.

As he grew up, Lin Shanshui believed more firmly in the fallacies of Li Hongzhi. He was convinced the world was controlled by God and that it would be useless however hard he studied or struggled. In his opinion, only by increasing the effort of cultivation and advancement, or by improving the level and temperament can he win the favor of the Master. Therefore, no longer thinking about his education, he gave up schooling when he was in Grade Eight, ending his student career.

In the year 2007, Lin Shanshui got acquainted with a kind and gentle girl when he was working in Guangzhou. After marriage, Lin Shanshui got a sense of responsibility and duty for the first time and thought about a change in his way of doing things, hoping to live a peaceful life with his wife. Therefore, he began to plan his future and made all efforts to find ways of doing business to create his own happiness with his hardworking hands. Gradually, He lived a well-off life, and the birth of their daughter brought more happiness and joy to the whole family.

Just when Lin Shanshui was full of ambition and felt a little sense of accomplishment, the arrival of his father Lin Guanghong plunged his life into an abyss of doom again. He pulled his son aside stealthily and said, “Shanshui, you should never give up cultivation. The Master has made it very clear that human society couldn’t go on developing like this and that mankind is facing destruction. If you don’t practice hard, no matter how much money you make, all will vanish into the void at that time. If you can’t even protect your life, what use will be the money? You have had such a solid foundation in practicing Falun Gong, what a pity if you give it up.” Father’s “sincere and earnest” words raised ripples in Lin Shanshui’s already calmed heart once again.

Falun Gong is just like a kind of spiritual opium that begins by corrupting one’s will and ends by destroying one’s soul. Persuaded by his father, Lin Shanshui resumed his “cultivation”. Whenever he had time, he would meditate and practice with his father, laying the burden of family affairs on his wife’s weak shoulders, unwilling to take care of his child.

One day in November 2009, Lin Guanghong’s granddaughter suddenly got a fever and a cough. Instead of taking her to the hospital right away, the first thing Lin Guanghong thought of was Master Li Hongzhi’s theory of “eliminating karma and curing disease”, which he believed in without a shadow of a doubt. He thought that his granddaughter’s sickness was a way of “eliminating karma” and that she would get better because the Master was helping her purify her body with his “Law body”. Therefore, he sat beside his granddaughter and mediated while reciting Zhuan Falun and “sending forth righteous thoughts”. Although he recited the scripture over and over again, day and night, for five consecutive days, his granddaughter’s illness had no sign of any recovery. On the contrary, her sickness became even more serious. On another occasion in early 2010, Lin Guanghong turned on his mobile phone and listened to the recordings of Li Hongzhi’s preaching Dafa in the room, leaving his granddaughter playing on the ground by herself. He was so indulged in his cultivation that he forgot everything, then he suddenly heard her granddaughter’s miserable cry. After returning to his senses, Lin Guanghong found that his granddaughter had knocked down the thermos bottle beside the table, and the steaming boiled water was poured over her feet. Later, though cured after treatment in a hospital, her feet and thighs were left with large ugly burn scars.