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Fooled by the Fallacy of “Law Body” Protection, She Almost Lost Her Life in a Fire

2020-06-08 Source:Chinafxj.cn

I am Xu Xiuping, 53 years old, from Yuji town, Liaocheng city, Shandong province. I have paid a heavy price for being obsessed with Falun Gong for a period of time. Having been burned extensively in a fire, my two arms cannot stretch out properly and as a result, I had to be taken care of by others in my daily life. Confined to a small room at home all day long, I suffer from great pains physically and mentally and for some time even wish I were dead.


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Originally, I was a hardworking rural woman, almost illiterate. Apart from laboring on several acres of our field every day, I raised pigs, did the cooking and other housework. Although our family was not rich, we lived a plain but peaceful life just like any other farmer.


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When I was just over 30 years old, I was physically strong and healthy in general. However, I suffered from neurological headache and had to take medicines every day. One day in August 1998, my neighbor Dou Xiaowei, finding that the old complaint with my head relapsed, said to me, “A lot of people are practicing Falun Gong now, and I’m also practicing it because it indeed has magic powers. For instance, it can cure the disease without any medicine. Why don’t you come and join us?”

Upon hearing her words, I was quite excited as if I had found the right prescription for my trouble. Harboring an attitude of simply trying, I participated in their practice. Dou Xiaowei tried very hard to instill confidence into me about Falun Gong, saying that Master Li was the embodiment of Sakyamuni who possessed endless powers; and that as long as I cultivated according to his will, I could not only eliminate disease and keep fit, but also could become an immortal and achieve “Consummation” upon reaching a certain level of the hierarchy.


Li Hongzhi’s Fallacies

In July 1999, Falun Gong was banned by the government according to law, and there were a lot of reports revealing its true nature. After reading these reports, my husband strongly opposed the continuation of my practice. But at that time, I was so obsessed with it that I turned a deaf ear to his words. And I frequently went to my neighbor Dou Xiaowei’s home and cultivated secretly.

As a result, I was trapped deeper and deeper in the abyss of the cult and became more and more obsessed with Falun Gong.


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In March 2004, my son, who worked in Qingdao, came back to visit the family. This should have been a delightful occasion, but I thought his visit interfered with my cultivation, so I was quite indifferent to him. In response to my son’s query about my coldness, my husband explained, “Your mom is practicing all day long at home, she doesn’t ask or care about anything else. Our family has long been broken.” In the following four days, my son kept on urging me to give up, but all his words fell on deaf ears.

April 28, 2007 was the most painful day in all my life. At 2 a.m. in the morning, after placing the incenses and lighting two red candles, I began to meditate in front of the Master’s portrait. With long time practicing in the night plus overtiredness, I suddenly fainted while mediating. The burning candles ignited the portrait of Li Hongzhi and the flames quickly spread out.

However, when I was woken up by thick smoke, I found that my body was out of my control. Trapped in the fire, I cried out desperately, “Master, come and help me, you help me….” However, Master Li didn’t appear as I expected, and I didn’t get the protection from the so-called “Law body”. Drowned in the sea of fire, I finally had a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, and then gradually lost consciousness.


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When coming round, I found myself lying on the bed in the Burn Department of the Liaocheng People’s Hospital, with thick bandages wrapped up all over the body. I felt the piercing pain all over and both of my arms were out of my control. Later on, I was told that it was my husband who risked his life in the flame, dragging me out the fire, and then sent me to the hospital immediately. My life was thus saved. Hearing my husband’s familiar voice comforting me, I could hardly force back my tears, regretting not to having followed his advice at the beginning.

I had paid a painful price for my obsession with Falun Gong. The accident resulted in extensive burns on my body, and both of my arms could no longer be raised up normally. The burn scars on my face made me look so horrible that I dare not go out. Staying at home all day long, I suffered in silence great pains physically and mentally.

Fortunately, there is always true love in the world. Considering the bitter suffering our family had experienced, the government not only arranged resettlement housing for our whole family but also provided us with a basic living allowance as well as medical insurance for me, which guaranteed us the basic means of livelihood.

Today, living in a warm house with the minimum living subsidy from the government, I really regret what I have done in the past, often wondering how good it would have been if I had not practiced Falun Gong at the very beginning or, had I followed the advice of family members and waken up in time, then the latter half of my life would not have been ruined by Li Hongzhi. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to remind those who are still trapped under the fallacy of Falun Gong. Please draw lessons from my painful experience and turn back from the wrong path as soon as possible.