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The dark propaganda strategy behind Falun Gong's Media Group

2020-06-09 Source:facts.org.cn Author:Justin Tategal


focused on the "door of spies" and published some articles, saying that the real core of the Russian investigation is the illegal surveillance of Trump's campaign by the United States, calling it "the largest political scandal in modern history." At the same time, the publication hardly mentions the scandals that have plagued the Trump administration since Trump took office. According to a former employee of The Epoch Times, Trump was regarded by Falun Gong as an important ally in the anti-Communist war.

The truth is exposed, the conspiracy of Falun Gong is destroyed

Falun Gong is constantly packing itself, and The Epoch Times is gradually functioning more like a news organization. They even posted an advertisement on the recruitment website Indeed.com and hired seven journalists who had nothing to do with "Falun Gong."

Falun Gong expended a lot of financial and material resources to eliminate its unfavorable information. "The Epoch Times" news platform boasted that it was outputting false news and untrue interview records. Falun Gong organizations also use their financial and public relations capabilities and media resources to block or delete posts, news, and articles that are not good for them.

According to multiple media and personal feedback, some of the objective opinions published on the Falun Gong issue in the media will be deleted for no reason shortly after being successfully uploaded. Most of the relevant news we can see now is rough manufacturing traces and stereotypes.

More and more international media have discovered the false and unsupported views behind it and the conspiracy theory of continuous bankruptcy, which has generated more disgust.

On June 23, Capitalnewyork.com of the United States published a survey article on the Epoch Times by Betsy Morais, editor of the New Yorker, pointing out that the fraud is "The Epoch Times". The only skill of the Times is to expose its fake and ugly face every time it is falsified. The Epoch Times has become synonymous with fake and ugly. Through an investigation of street newsstands in New York, Betsy Morais found that the Epoch Times was hardly interested.

The German "New Republic" also expressed its dissatisfaction with Falun Gong. In Germany, "The Epoch Times" is called "the obscure newspaper that promotes the far right in Europe."

Russian political analyst Andrew Korybko published an article in the "Eurasia Future Network" on April 20, 2019, saying that the cult "Falun Gong" launched an information war attack on the new multipolar China-Russia-Pakistan relationship He pointed out that "The Epoch Times" is the mouthpiece of the "Falun Gong" cult. The media deliberately distorted the work of Pakistan written by a Russian scholar to launch an information war to provoke relations between Russia, the United States and China.

On June 28, 2019, Rick Alan Ross, a famous American cult expert, published an article on the "Cult News" website he founded, exposing that The Epoch Times itself was sponsored by "Falun Gong." The cult newspapers, "Falun Gong" leader Li Hongzhi and leader Lanier, are both braggers and manipulators. And Mark Jackson, who was committed to serving as a contributor to Epoch Times, received the same cult-like education as the leader Lanier.

In November 2019, Indian author Nishith Kumar published an article on the media and blog collaboration platform Medium, talking about the poor comments of Western audiences on "Shen Yun": rude political motives and low artistic standards. The so-called performance is actually a "Falun Gong" cult propaganda platform .

"Plateau Reader" also published a special article to expose the principles of Falun Gong's operation and the deceptive brainwashing and conspiracy theory behind it.

On August 20, 2019, NBC reported a feature article "The Epoch Times Behind the Rise of Facebook" citing detailed data to illustrate the interests behind Falun Gong Media Group. It caused a huge sensation.

At the same time that a large number of heavyweight media were exposed, there were also disclosures and regrets of the original backbone of the Falun Gong organization after they recognized the face of the Falun Gong organization. Ben Hurley, one of the original Australian founders of The Epoch Times, first published the article "Me and Li Hongzhi: Why I Departed from Falun Gong as a devout disciple for more than ten years" after I broke away from Falun Gong, which revealed the Epoch Times Create insider stories, false reports, forcible votes, and the preparation of "popular" Shen Yun performances; the spiritual control of "Falun Gong" is almost everywhere. More and more awakened by the so-called "believers", indicating that Falun Gong's conspiracy theories and brainwashing strategies have been recognized by everyone, and a media group that started with rumors will certainly stop with rumors.

(patch.com,May 27, 2020)