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A woman had her family broken apart for believing in “Doomsday” preaching

2020-06-11 Source:Chinafxj.cn Author:Li Xia

Niu Jintao still hasn’t emerged from the pain that has plagued him for 8 years. He can’t understand why his kind-hearted wife changed so much after believing in the “Almighty God” cult. How could she have had the heart to abandon her happy family of four?

Whether Niu Jintao understood it or not, he had been dealt a fatal blow by the reality: not only his wife divorced him but his daughter also died unexpectedly in a traffic accident since his wife joined the “Almighty God” cult. As a result, their happy family of four, which they had been managing wholeheartedly for years, was ruthlessly destroyed by the evil cult in just a few months.

“If I had known that ‘Almighty God’ was so evil, I would never have let my wife join it!"  said Niu Jintao with sadness and indignation. Now he is full of regret, but the tragedy can never be undone.

Niu Jintao, a 43 years old railway worker, lives in the Xinhua Street Community, Xinjian North Road, Datong City, Shanxi Province. His wife, Cui Xiuping, born in 1979, with junior high school education, is two years younger than him. She was a well-known virtuous woman in the Xinhua Street Community. After marriage, the couple loved and respected each other, and later they got a pigeon pair. In the eyes of others, Niu Jintao had an enviable family with a virtuous wife and a pair of excellent children, all living in harmony with each other.

One day in July 2012, when Cui Xiuping was buying vegetables at the entrance of her residential community, she saw several female "Christians" (actually the "Almighty God" followers) who wore facial masks preaching with hand-held speakers. Out of curiosity, Cui stretched her neck and listened to them with great interest.

These female "Christians" said, "The world will soon be destroyed and mankind will suffer great calamities; only those who believe in Almighty God can be saved, and only by following Almighty God can you dispel demons from your homes and avoid calamities..." These female “Christians” preached hard about the omnipresence of the "God" and the benefits of believing in it, urging people to join the "Church of Almighty God".


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Taking what they said to be true, Cui Xiuping and several other housewives, who were confused then, were drawn into the "Almighty God" cult organization. They also wrote down a letter of assurance to join the Church of “Almighty God” as demanded.

Since then, Cui Xiuping often followed those believers to "preach the gospel" and promote the benefits of the "Almighty God". Initially, she would tell her husband Niu Jintao about it when she went out to preach. Later, she often left without a word and didn’t come back until several days later. Gradually, she changed from an originally hard-working and virtuous wife to a woman who focused on only things in connection with her belief, caring nothing about the housework and her children's study. As her husband, Niu Jintao not only went out to work but also took care of his children who were attending primary school then, he became exhausted before a month passed.

With doubts in his mind, Niu Jintao asked others about his wife’s belief, only to learn what his wife had believed in wasn’t a formal, legal religion at all, but an evil cult spread in the disguise of Christianity. Therefore, Niu Jintao asked his wife to immediately quit believing in the "Church of Almighty God" .

However, being brainwashed by the cult, Cui Xiuping wouldn’t listen to her husband's kind advice. As a result, the previously harmonious couple broke out in fierce quarrels, with rifts emerging in the family of four which had been once happy and cozy.

Seeing that his verbal persuasion didn’t work, Niu Jintao had no choice but to let his wife choose between her family and the "Almighty God". However, Cui Xiuping was completely unperturbed, claiming that she joined "Almighty God" in the hope that her family would be blessed with safety. And she nagged, scolded or even threatened her husband: "The end of the world is coming on the winter solstice this year and the earth is about to be destroyed. What's the point of your work? What's the point of our children spending any more money on schooling? Devote all our money to 'God' and our whole family will go to heaven..." With that, she turned around and went out again to "preach the gospel."


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Niu Jintao was so angry that he shivered all over, frozen in place for a long time before recovering from the shock. It suddenly occurred to him that his wife had mentioned she would "donate" money to "God". So he hurriedly opened the drawer with money, only to find that his salary of 5,000 yuan in cash and all his passbooks were missing. At the sight of this, Niu Jintao felt like crying, resenting his wife and the “Almighty God” organization!

Trying best to save his wife, Niu Jintao asked his family members and relatives for help again and again, expecting that they could persuade his wife through every possible means to withdraw from the "Almighty God ".  But Cui Xiuping didn't listen to them at all, and instead, she even offered to get a divorce with her husband.

On December 6, 2012, after repeated failures in urging his wife to quit “Almighty God”, Niu Jintao finally divorced his wife, with their son awarded to him and their daughter awarded to his wife. Consequently, an otherwise happy family of four was completely broken apart.

On 11 December 2012, more than 30 people, including Cui Xiuping, attended an illegal "Almighty God" gathering in Shang Shenjian Village, Shang Shenjian Township, Xinrong District, Datong City, which was reported to the police by the local people. In the end, they were arrested by the public security authorities and sentenced to 15 days of administrative detention.

Misfortunes never come alone. One day, Cui's daughter, a poor girl less than 10 years old, had a car accident on the road to visit Cui in the detention center and died before she was sent to the hospital.

Learning of the bad news, Niu Jintao was so heartbroken that he simply couldn’t believe his ears. And even today, the man still has not recovered from the fatal blow 8 years ago.