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The “talisman” a Falun Gong addict believed in had sadly become a “summons to death”

2020-07-16 Source:chinafxj.cn Author:Zhang Li

Li Jinbiao was born on 6 February 1960 in Tuyukeng Village, Dayuan Town, Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province. This honest man had been addicted to Falun Gong since he practiced it in 1998. He often presented himself as a real Falun Gong disciple in front of others, believing that with his profound psychic power and the protection of a “talisman,” he would be safe and sound all his life and “come to realize the Perfection and Quality.”

However, due to his excessive obsession with Falun Gong and blind faith in his “talisman”, Li Jinbiao died prematurely at the age of 51 rather than receiving blessings he expected, which is a sad tragedy.

According to Hu Zhiqiang, the husband of Li Jinbiao’s younger sister, Li Jinbiao used to do exterior wall cleaning and painting work with him for a company in Hangzhou. As the company employees often had to work high above the ground to clean the external walls of nearly 100 meters tall buildings, some new employees felt a little scared in the beginning. So, Li Jinbiao would enthusiastically give them some “talismans” and encourage them by saying, “You don’t have to be afraid. As long as you shout aloud ‘Falun Dafa is good’, i.e. the words written on the 'talisman, 'you will be saved by Master Li Hongzhi in case of an accident..."


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Hearing about what Li jinbiao said, Hu Zhiqiang was overcome with fear and scolded him severely, "Safety is not a joke, but a matter of life and death!" Then he asked the workers to operate according to safety regulations instead of believing in Falun Gong’s fallacies or depending on the “talismans” for protection.

But unfortunately, Li Jinbiao refused to accept Hu Zhiqiang’s ideas. On the contrary, he fell deeper and deeper into the Falun Gong mire. Seeing some of his fellow practitioners quitting the evil cult one after another, Li jinbiao was very worried. Then, on May 2010, he fabricated and posted on a Falun Gong website a story of “miracles” entitled "My stomach ulcer was cured in three days," falsely claiming that the stomach ulcer that had plagued him for more than 20 years was fully cured after he practiced Falun Gong and learned the Fa for only 3 days.

In order to meet the need to "promote the Dafa," Li Jinbiao returned to Jinyun County in the winter of 2010, working as a painter in an industrial park. He rented a private house in the county town and, rode a motorcycle to work in the industrial park 15 km away every day. In the evening, he returned to the county town and persisted in his cultivation. From time to time, he would share his experiences with fellow practitioners from Jinyun County and distribute such items as scriptures, leaflets, and “talismans."


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Li Jinbiao, who hadn’t got a driver’s license, usually rode his motorcycle wearing no helmet and his motorcycle wasn’t insured. When a colleague saw it, he advised Li Jinbiao to get a license by taking a test, have his motorcar insured, and wear a helmet while driving. But Li Jinbiao ignored it blatantly and boasted, "I'm a real Dafa disciple and with the protection of both the talisman and Master's law bodies, I can change danger into safety no matter what happens to me."

But the tragedy still occurred in the end!

On the evening of October 12, 2011, Li Jinbiao went out on his motorcycle for some activities after dinner. At around 9:40 p.m., when he was passing through Xibin North Road, the main street of the county town, he accidentally ran into the back of a van temporarily parked on the roadside. A passerby who saw it immediately called the police and soon a 120 ambulance arrived at the scene, sending Li Jinbiao, who was seriously injured, to Jinyun County People's Hospital for rescue. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was transferred later to Lishui City Central Hospital for further rescue and treatment.

After Li Jinbiao’s accident, his family members rushed to the hospital successively to visit him. When examining his belongings, Hu Zhiqiang, his younger sister’s husband, found a pile of Falun Gong "talismans." Filled suddenly with both grief and hatred, Hu Zhiqiang threw the “talismans” hard to the ground, shouting, “It’s not a talisman, but the summons to death!"

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts made by the hospital to save Li Jinbiao, he still died of serious injuries on October 27 at the age of 51.


Picture 1: Certificate of responsibility for the accident


Picture2: Photograph of the scene of the accident


Picture 3: Posthumous photograph of Li Jinbiao