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"We have embarked on the road to getting rich after breaking away from the evil cult"

2020-08-06 Source:chinafxj Author:Wu Xuan

"The government provided both loans and policies to help me develop my business, so I have embarked on the road to getting rich." These are the heartfelt words froma villager surnamed Wang.

"You should study hard and never readily believe in rumors by bad people as I used to because I was poorly educated." Mr. Chen, who works away from his hometown, warns his children repeatedly whenever he calls them.


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“With the help of the Town and Village, my family has begun to cultivate nursery plants for greening the environment, and now we can get an annual income of more than 150,000 yuan." A villager surnamed Li is full of gratitude when he talks about it.

The above-mentioned villagers are from Wangjia Village, Yafan Town, Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, and they were all former practitioners of the Falun Gong. So, the Wangjia Village is also known as the "cult village". A few years ago, the Wucheng District Party Committee’s Politics and Law Committee and the Wucheng District Anti- Cult Association launched a series of initiatives together with the Town and Village, such as educating and transforming people, giving them warning and guidance, supporting industrial development, enhancing living facilities, and enriching the cultural lives, to keep improving their ability to identify and resist evil cults, so that a small number of people who are unaware of the truth can recognize the harm of evil cults, thus building up an indestructible and unbreakable “firewall" against them in the whole society.

Recently, I visited the Wangjia village, where I saw many beautiful villas, wide and tidy roads, and various cars parked in the courtyards, looking like a beautiful picture of a prosperous and peaceful countryside. "In the past, people could only plant enough crops to feed them, living inold dilapidated houses. Because of poverty and poor education, some people were deceived into practicing Falun Gong," said Wang Lixin, director of the Wangjia Village Committee. He recalled that there were 21 Falun Gong practitioners in Wangjia Village at that time.

After getting obsessed with Falun Gong, some villagers gradually lost their interest in agricultural production.

In the past few years, the Wucheng District implemented the state’s decisions and arrangements on preventing and combating Falun Gong and other cult organizations, cracking down on the cult organizations, and transforming those involved in them through education under related requirements.

How to take multiple measures simultaneously to help people trapped in evil cults get rid of poverty, abandon bad habits, and enrich their cultural life has become a high priority for the local Party committee and government.

In this regard, the Wucheng District Committee’s Politics and Law Committee and the Wucheng District Anti-Cult Association organized the Town, Village, and other departments to promote the regular anti-evil-cult education and build the first line of defense against evil cults at the grassroots level. Through unremitting efforts, 21 former Falun Gong practitioners in the Wangjia village have now been completely transformed and as a result, their families have been lifted out of poverty. Some of them have even become foregoers on the road to getting rich in the village.

Zhou Huisheng,a member of the village committee, said that the Town and Village held regular anti-cult lectures, launched annual speech contest on the theme of “Advocating science and Opposing evil cults", and sponsored anti-evil-cult performancesso that the villagers could understand the nature of evil cults through lively activities. The local Party committee and the government had provided information services as well as policy and technical support to former Falun Gong practitioners with business management knowledge to encourage them to rely on themselves to get out of poverty. Since 2010, The Wangjia village, Yafan Town, and Wucheng District have contacted and consulted with many enterprises from the City and District, in the hope that they could employ people from the Wangjia village.

Mr. Wang, as mentioned above, left his hometown and worked outside for a few years before returning to the village to open a wholesale store. Later, he applied for a loan of 300,000 yuan to start a wood processing plant and bought a construction truck to engage in transportation service.His family’s annual income has reached more than 500,000 yuan, making him a money-making expert well-known in the local community.

For some Falun Gong practitioners who are advanced in age and poor in health without much income, the District, Town and Village have implemented farmers-benefitting policies so that they could feel the warm care of the Party and government. From 2012 to now, the wife of a Mr. Jin has been enjoying a monthly pension subsidy of more than 2,000 yuan for rural senior people, while their family has received a quota for the reconstruction of their old and dilapidated house along with a financial subsidy of 15,000 yuan.

Now, the Wangjia village has access to cement roads, electricity, water, radio and television networks, Internet broad-band, and street lamps. At night, the street lamps light the village roads and the villagers' hearts as well.

"Inrecent years, no activities related to evil cults have occurred in the Wangjia village. The 21 former Falun Gong practitioners either went to work in other places or were actively developing their businesses at home. They are all living a happy life through their hardwork, just like Mr. Wang. Nowadays, the villagers in the Wangjia village are bent on acquiring scientific and technological knowledge in cultivating flowers and trees to get rich, and many of them no longer go to church or believe in evil cults as they used to. Today, those villagers who have got rich in the Wangjia village only believe in science and technology in planting flowers and trees, instead of believing in the heresies and fallacies of Falun Gong, Almighty God (or Quannengshen) or other evil cults," Fang Jingshu, the senior party secretary of the Wangjia village said confidently.

Now, the Wangjia Village has become an environment-friendly and well-off village well-known in the near and far; and it has won a series of honors such as "Jinhua Green Model Village with Moderate Prosperity", "Jinhua City Model Village with No Evil Cults".