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“Almighty God” Killed Her Husband, Leaving HerWith Endless Grief

2020-09-03 Source:www.chinafxj.cn

Liu Lingxue, 34 years old, a native of Chenzhuang Village, Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province. She had a perfect family, with a husband who deeply loved her. However, her happiness was ruthlessly deprived of by the Almighty God, and her life was plunged into deep darkness, as she was living in endless suffering that was hard to tell about.

Liu Lingxue’s husband was named Lin Bin. They had a son, loved each other and lived in a peaceful and harmonious family.

A stupid decision

The change took place in 2011. That year, Liu Lingxue’s son was just three years old, but was always sick and had to take injections or infusions every other day. They had visited all the hospitals nearby, but her son still didn’t get better. Liu Lingxue and her husband were very anxious, they went thither and hither to seek medical advice and folk prescriptions for the child.

One day, her husband’s sister heard about the child’s illness and said to them, “You can’t expect to have my nephew’s sickness cured by doctors. Listen to me, you just believe in the 'Female Christ’ as I do. This Godness possesses magic powers, and she can not only cure your son’s disease at a touch, but also help you escape disasters and protect your family."

Because her husband's sister meant to help their son recover as soon as possible, and keep their family safe and sound, Liu Lingxue followed her advice and let her husband believe in the Almighty God. It was this stupid decision that made her pay a painful price!


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After believing in the Almighty God, Liu Lingxue’s husband first read the book “Word Appears in the Flesh” (also called The Scroll Opened by the Lamb), and watched some CDs made for preaching purpose. Later, he participated regularly in the “gatherings” with his sister. Soon, he seemed to have changed into a different person. He used to work hard but now he was unwilling to do farm work, and didn’t care about his family, including his parents and child. He also began to distance himself from Liu Lingxue, and the only thing he was thinking about all day was to worship "the Female Christ" and go out to preach her beliefs.

Liu Lingxue had, of course, tried to dissuade her husband, but her words always fell on deaf ears. He firmly believed that as long as he sincerely believed in the "Female Christ", his son would recover sooner or later, and his family would also be blessed.


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One day in June 2012, her husband secretly took away the 5,000 yuan they had prepared for their son’s schooling, saying "the end of the world" was coming, and that anyone who didn’t believe in the " Female Christ" would be killed by "lightning", that the money he had donated was his “devotion money” for God so that he could get a residence booklet as the passport to Paradise…

Her husband was now trapped into the cult deeper and deeper, as he frequently went out to "spread Gospel". And his behavior also became more and more secretive, as now and then he would take French leave from home for days.


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One day at early 2013, a man from the neighboring village came to Liu Lingxue’s house, bringing the shocking news to people that Liu’s husband had hanged himself on a tree in the neighboring village! The villager told her that, on his way to the field for farming, he pumped into Liu Lingxue’s husband, a man who seemed to be mentally deranged: shouting that he was to dedicate himself to “the God” and was going aboard the “Ship to Paradise”. But, when the villager came back from work, he found that Liu Lingxue’s husband had already hanged himself on a tree.

The Almighty God cult not only deprived Liu Lingxue’s husband of his young life, but also destroyed the whole family!