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Chatting records of a woman after she broke with the Falun Gong evil cult

2020-10-09 Source:chinafxj.cn

Aunt Tong, a 73-year-old woman from Dangshan County, Suzhou City, Anhui Province, was a former teacher of a primary school. A few years ago, she made a clean break with the Falun Gong evil cult, and now she is enjoying a quiet and peaceful family life.

To give those cult-obsessed people some warning, Auntie Tong recently decided to disclose her chatting records with a staff worker. Let's take a look at why she joined the Falun Gong evil cult, how she came to her senses and retracted from the wrong path, whether she sufferaed any "punishment" or "retribution" after giving up the evil cult, how she viewed the death of a Falun Gong leader, and how she expressed her gratitude for the happy life she is living now!

Straying into the evil cult due to family misfortune

Some years ago, Auntie Tong lost three of her family members within a year, which had brought her indescribable and unbearable mental pain. It was at this time that the Falun Gong members tried to draw Auntie Tong, who was at a low point of her life, into the evil cult. Being deceived into believing that practicing Gong could cure her leg problems, Auntie Gong joined the Falun Tong evil cult. But can practicing Falun Gong really cure her leg problems? Auntie Tong, whose leg problems had been cured only after receiving medical treatment in the past, gave it a negative answer. She said undoubtedly: "It is certainly the modern medicine that has healed my leg problems."



Being moved to cry by a patriotic movie

To save Auntie Tong from the risk of the evil cult in time, the local government adopted individualized approaches, arranging patriotic films and videos for Auntie Tong to watch. When Auntie Tong watched a video commemorating the Nanjing Massacre, her patriotic feelings were aroused. She couldn’t help crying, feeling that she should treasure the hard-won happy life at present. Now, she understood that there would be no happy families if there wasn’t a strong country to protect us, and she regretted having caused so much trouble for the state. Finally, Auntie Tong made a clean break with the Falun Gong evil cult.


Enjoying a happy family life with four generations living together

Li Hongzhi threatened that Falun Gong practitioners would suffer retribution or even death if they quit it. When asked if she was afraid of retribution for quitting the evil cult, Auntie Tong said, "I've never been afraid of any ‘retribution’.” She kept firmly in mind the rule of "doing no evil and doing all good". Now, she had an extended family, enjoying a happy, harmonious, and prosperous life with four generations living together. Auntie Tong said that this was so-called “retribution" she received after she had broken away from Falun Gong.


Falun Gong leader "unable to cure even his illness"

In December 2019, Kan Hung-cheung, a leading figure of the Falun Gong organization in Hong Kong, died of illness. Let’s see how Auntie Tong commented on it. First, she said, Kan didn’t deserve pity since he had acted against the national interest; secondly, Auntie Tong thought the Falun Gong evil cult couldn’t possibly cure diseases as it claimed it could, even its leaders’ own diseases. Thirdly, she hoped that Falun Gong followers give up evil ways and return to the right path. These words are both true and kind!



Showing gratitude for the Party and government

Auntie Tong has been grateful to the Party and the government, calling the staff workers who had saved and helped her “the people closest to her”. When asked about her family life during the Covid-19 epidemic, she said, "Everything is fine with our family. Our life is full of joy and happiness." She also emphasized by saying: "It is clear who truly cares about our lives." These are the most sincere and heartfelt words from an ordinary person filled with gratitude and love for the great motherland!