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Falun Gong was condemned by a practitioner’s parents for turning their son into a mental patient

2020-10-15 Source:Chinafxj.cn Author:Hou Chunxiao

"Truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance" is the mantra of the Falun Gong evil cult. In the “brief biography” which Li Hongzhi fabricated for himself, he claimed that he cultivated “truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance” at the age of four and that his master stamped the three words "truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance” on the corner of his eyes when he "attained the great Mahayana and achieved supernatural power at the age of eight. The three words were also written on Falun Gong talismans, as Li Hongzhi said that chanting the words in silence would protect them from disaster and misfortune. Li’s heretical fallacies have harmed countless innocent people, whose tragedies were a denouncement against Falun Gong for its deceptiveness. The father of a Falun Gong disciple who became mentally-disordered couldn’t refrain from asking: "Does Falun Gong speak the truth in terms of ‘truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance’?"


Liu Sen, Li Yongsheng’s father

The above-mentioned father is called Liu Sen, whose son Liu Yongsheng has been turned into a schizophrenic by the Falun Gong evil cult.

Liu Yongsheng was born on May 10, 1977, in Dapingfang Village, Juelangtun Manchu Autonomous Township, Yixian County, Liaoning Province. Growing up in a simple and industrious family of farmers, Liu Yongsheng had been kind-hearted and well-behaved since childhood, never taking anything that didn’t belong to him. He had never had too high expectations for the future, believing that only hard work could create wealth.


Zhen Yuqiu, Liu Yongsheng’s mother

At the age of twenty-two, Liu Yongsheng went to Nanyang, Henan Province, where he landed a job as a maintenance worker with the help of his aunt. Because of his loyalty and honesty, Liu Yongsheng was liked by everyone, and soon a girl fell in love with him. However, anything unexpected may happen. Just when happiness was beckoning to Liu Yongsheng, a shadow was quietly cast over his life: He was drawn into the Falun Gong evil cult, and Li Hongzhi’s heretical fallacies began to control his mind and behavior from then on.


Li Yongsheng’s parents

Liu Yongsheng no longer concentrated on studying skills, but on "studying the Fa" and "going up to a higher level." He neglected his maintenance work and got addicted to Falun Gong, which had gradually transformed him into a useless man obsessed with "reaching consummation” and “becoming a Buddha." His family and friends persuaded him to quit his "cultivation," but to no avail.

At this point, Liu’s girlfriend, who was already deep in love with him, had to tell him directly that she would break up with him if he continued to practice Falun Gong.


By now, Liu Yongsheng’s mind was filled with Falun Gong's ideas of “getting rid of emotions.” He thought that "getting rid of emotions" was to remove the “demon” that hindered his cultivation. So, when pressed to choose between his girlfriend and "Master" Li Hongzhi, he chose to follow his "Master" as a true disciple.

Because he was obsessed with Falun Gong, Liu Yongsheng was sent back to his hometown from Nanyang.


After returning home, Liu Yongsheng, who was possessed by "Master's Law Bodies," continued to practice “cultivation" single-mindedly. His old father felt very sad to see him in such a state, so he repeatedly persuaded him to quit his practice to lead a normal life, but all his effort ended up in vain. Seeing that his persuasion didn’t work, he had to turn to Liu Yongsheng's two uncles for help. The two uncles, sitting together with Liu Yongsheng, had a sincere talk with him, trying to move him by emotion and persuade him by reason, but they also failed to change the mind of Liu Yongsheng who had got addicted to the Falun Gong evil cult.

Those who deviate from the mainstream values of society are lonely and painful. Little by little, Liu Yongsheng’s thoughts changed during his cultivation. On the one hand, it was the temptation of the "beautiful vision of Dafa” presented by “Master”"A world filled with gold," "ascension in broad daylight," and "reaching consummation as a god;" on the other hand, it was the cruel fact that he had practiced cultivation for so long but hadn’t gained Gong." So, Falun Gong's heretical fallacies had driven Liu Yongsheng into a dead end, with contradictions and confusions pestering and tormenting him all the time. According to his father Liu Sen, Liu Yongsheng once asked his mother to find a thermometer and put it in a basin, and then he took the basin to the back of his house. When he put his feet in the basin, he suddenly fell upright on the ground.

Seeing Liu Yongsheng like this, his mother couldn't help but shed tears of pity and helplessness.

September 27, 2015 was the Mid-Autumn Festival in the lunar calendar. To celebrate the family reunion day, Liu Yongshen’s younger brother came back home from a far-away place where he was working. This was an occasion that should have presented a heartwarming scene of family members of loved ones sharing parting thoughts and pouring out their feelings of missing. However, Liu Yongsheng, who was thoroughly brainwashed by Falun Gong’s heretical fallacies, didn’t care about his family affection, with only "Master" in his mind. His father tried his best to persuade him to stop practicing Gong for a while and sit at the table for the reunion dinner, so as to produce an atmosphere for a family reunion on this special occasion. Liu Yongsheng’s younger brother served a bowl of rice and placed it in front of Liu Yongsheng. However, Liu Yongsheng had no intention to eat it; instead, he got another bowl of rice and put it on the table, mumbling something like "I'm sorry". It turned out that he served this bowl of rice in honor of "Master" Li Hongzhi.

After that, Liu Yongsheng left the table to practice meditation instead of sitting down to have dinner with his family. His mother and younger brother couldn’t help shedding tears at the sight of this.

At about 3:00 a.m. the next day, Liu Yongsheng, armed with a kitchen knife, broke into the house of Chen Fenglin, a fellow villager who had gotten up early to harvest corn, forcing Chen Fenglin and his wife, Lu Fengzhen, to propagate Falun Gong. He threatened the couple by saying, "Go and propagate Falun Gong or I'll kill you!"


In the beginning, the unprepared couple was stunned by the suddenness of the situation. Then, after a desperate struggle, they managed to escape from Liu Yongsheng's violent control, fled into the house, closed the door, and immediately called the police.

After receiving the call, Yu Fuhua, director of Juliangtun Police Station of Yixian Public Security Bureau, and Zhao long, a policeman on duty that day, immediately drove to the scene of the incident. On the way, they came across Liu Yongsheng, who was walking with a knife.


When the policemen questioned Liu Yongsheng, he suddenly wielded a knife to them, causing multiple injuries to the two policemen. Besides, Liu Yongsheng said while wielding the knife: "I am a Falun Gong practitioner, I’ll give you moksa, and I’ll kill you both."

In fact, what the Falun Gong evil cult has done is harming people instead of saving them.

Liu Yongsheng had been turned into a mental patient by the Falun Gong evil cult, as he was diagnosed by Jinzhou Kangning Hospital as suffering from schizophrenia.


Indeed, it was the Falun Gong evil cult, which "cultivates one’s heart” and “refines one’s body,” had driven Liu Yongsheng, an originally honest and kind-hearted young man, into a state of insanity, resulting in the loss of the innate humanity and goodness in him.

Witnessing the unfortunate situation, Zhang Yuqiu, Liu Yongsheng's mother, said sadly and angrily: "If I capture Li Hongzhi, I'll hack him to death!"


Zhang Yuqiu, Liu Yongsheng's mother

Meanwhile, Liu Sen, Liu Yongsheng's father, said: "Li Hongzhi’s ‘Truthfulness, compassion and forbearance’ are purely empty words." This statement is an angry condemnation of Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong and also a kind reminder to people.