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Addiction to Falun Gong led to the tragic death of two young sisters

2020-10-19 Source:Chinafxj.cn Author:Xiao Zan

In 1983, Wang Shenglin, a veteran coal miner, relocated his family from the Sanjiao Township of Qijiang County, Chongqing City, to the Songzao Community in Anzheng Township, so that his family of four, including his wife, Yang Guozheng, and two daughters, Wang Jiqin and Wang Jifeng, to live a better life.

Unexpected contact with Falun Gong leading to a change in life course

After moving to Anzheng Township, Wang Jiqin, the elder sister of the family, met Bai Chaowei, a worker in the mechanical repair department of Songzao Coal and Electricity Company, and the two of them gradually fell in love with each other. In 1996, the young couple tied the knot with the blessings of their family and friends. In the following year, they had a healthy baby boy, named Bai Tingping. Being a good husband, Bai worked hard and conscientiously at his company, while Wang Jiqin, a gentle, considerate, and family-oriented wife, did most of the housework. So, the young couple had been living happily and harmoniously.


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 When her baby was less than a year old, Wang Jiqin contracted an illness, which left her with a cough, fever, and poor appetite. Her husband took her to the hospital for treatment, and her conditions were greatly relieved.

In 1998, when Wang Jiqin went to attend a funeral at her uncle’s home in Puhe Township, Qijiang County, she came had an unexpected contact with the Falun Gong evil cult. When she got back home, she told her husband excitedly, "Falun Gong is far more advanced than Qigong. It can cure any disease that is difficult to treat, and you don’t have to take any injections or medicines. If you practice it, it will dispel illnesses, keep you safe, and improve your health; if you persevere in practicing it for a long time, you will be able to “reach a higher level” and “achieve consummation.” However, it turned out that Wang Jiqin's disease, which could have been cured through medical treatment, was only worsened due to her obsession with Falun Gong.

Since believing in Falun Dafa, Wang Jiqin had become a completely different person. The originally virtuous and caring woman began to neglect her family, even her unweaned child, who she thought was disturbing her practice and hindering her cultivation. Gradually, she began to become unfathomable, sitting cross-legged, and absorbed in her practice all day long. Besides, she believed that by practicing gong she was eliminating her karma as well as that of her children, thus keeping her whole family safe and sound.

Falling into the abyss of misery after abandoning family to follow Falun Gong

Later, Wang Jiqin dragged her mother, Yang Guozheng, and her 21-year-old younger sister, Wang Jifeng, into the ranks of Falun Gong practitioners, and even invited some of her fellow practitioners to practice at her home with her. Her husband Bai Chaowei was so angry at his home becoming like this that he picked up a Falun Gong book and tore it up. Bai’s mother-in-law, Yang Guozheng, who believed firmly in Falun Gong, cursed at him and said, "If you dare to touch Master's book again, he will make you suffer worse than death." Wang Jiqin tried to let her husband Bai Chaowei believe Falun Dafa was good, and she asked him to support her in practicing Gong to save others, saying, "I am walking down the path of God." Thinking that her husband was deterring her advancement in eliminating karma, Wang Jiqin left her husband and child for her mother's home.

As Wang Jiqin became more and more obsessed with Falun Gong, no longer undertaking any family responsibilities, her husband Bai Chaowei, who had to take care of the family and child while working outside, felt that he couldn’t stand living on like this any longer. He began to hope that the conjugal relationship between him and his wife could save the family which was on the verge of a breakdown.

One day, Bai Zhaowei found Wang Jiqin and said: "Is it possible that we go on living as a family? If not, we’ll have to divorce." Wang Jiqin, who was then only thinking about her practice instead of the spousal relationship and family happiness, said coldly: "If you want a divorce, do as you please! I am now a person who has reached a higher level, not a mortal as you are. Don’t prevent me from reaching consummation."

Refusing medical treatment costing two young sisters their life

In July 1999, the illegal Falun Gong organization was banned by the government. When Bai Chaowei learned of this, he immediately went to look for Wang Jiqin at her mother’s home, hoping she would retract from the wrong path so that their family of three could live a normal life together, but he couldn’t find her. A few months later, he learned from the police that Wang Jiqin and her younger sister Wang Jifeng had just returned from another place, where they distributed Falun Gong leaflets, CDs, and other propaganda materials, among other illegal activities. The police hoped that Bai Zhaowei could persuade the two sisters, Wang Jiqin and Wang Jifeng, to quit the Falun Gong evil cult.

When Bai Chaowei saw the two sisters, whom he heard from for a long time, they looked extremely emaciated, just like zombies. Bai Chaowei felt so sorry for them that he persuaded them in a tearful voice not to indulge in Falun Gong any more. However, the two sisters, who were already possessed by the evil cult, refused to follow Bai Chaowei's advice. Half a month later, the two sisters left home again to "spread the Fa" despite Bai Chaowei's discouragement.

Wang Jiqin and Wang Jifeng were both suffering from tuberculosis at this time. Unlike in ancient times when tuberculosis was incurable, the disease could be cured in most people if timely diagnosis and scientific treatment ware performed.

One day in the second half of 2001, learning that Wang Jiqin had returned to the town, Bai Chaowei hurried out to look for her. This originally young, beautiful girl had now become skinny like a skeleton, looking haggard, clad in rags, and with uncombed hair. Seeing Wang Jiqin like this, Bai Chaowei decided then to take her to the hospital for treatment, but she refused his offer. Rather than showing her gratitude for his good intentions, she even lost his temper at him and insisted that she was protected by "Master’s Law Bodies.” She said that "Master" was cleansing her body, as her karma was too heavy and she needed further advancement to have it eliminated. She told Bai Chaowei to leave her alone, claiming that Falun Gong practitioners could have their virus and karma eliminated automatically. Seeing that she was too obstinate to be awakened, Bai Chaowei felt both sad and angry: "What karma! You see, your minor disease has turned into a serious one, and the serious disease may turn into a terminal one. It will soon cost you your life! "

On the night of September 24, 2001, Wang Jiqin passed away miserably on the sickbed at the age of 27, tilting her head and clutching the bed sheet with both hands.

However, Wang Jifeng, the younger sister, still hadn’t learned a lesson from her elder sister's tragic death; instead, she believed that her elder sister had achieved consummation and would continue her obsession with Falun Gong in another world. At this time, Wang Jifeng had also become terminally ill.

In August 2003, having reached the advanced stages of tuberculosis and suffering from unbearable pain, Wang Jifeng finally went to Qijiang County Datong Hospital alone for treatment under the pseudonym of Yang Feng. As her addiction to Falun Gong and its heretical fallacies seriously delayed the treatment of her disease, it was now too late to do anything to reverse her condition, even with the most advanced technology and the best doctors. Finally, Wang Jifeng also died on the sickbed in the hospital at the age of 26.

The Falun Gong evil cult has caused the death of two young sisters in their twenties, leaving an otherwise happy family broken up and decimated: Bai Zhaowei has lost his beloved wife, and their little son has lost his dear mother, while Wang Shenglin and Yang Guozheng have lost their two young daughters. This is a tragic story in close connection with the Falun Gong evil cult, whose crimes are too numerous to be listed.