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High blood pressure killed a woman who had practiced Falun Gong for 10 years

2020-10-22 Source:Chianfxj.cn Author:Mo Xi

There is a quiet small village called Guchen Village in Gucheng Town, Fucheng County, Hebei Province. In the village, there was once an old and honest couple, with the wife named Liu Huifen (born in February 1947) and the husband Lu Fengzhi. They had a son and a daughter. Although they were farmers, they lived a relatively happy and comfortable life through their hard work.


Photo of Liu Huifen before her death

Liu Hui Fen was diagnosed with high blood pressure during a check-up at the age of 50. She comforted her family by saying: "Don’t worry about my health. Who doesn't have a minor illness at her old age?” Meanwhile, she carefully followed the doctor's guidance and took her medication on time, so her condition was well controlled and her days were spent as happily as ever...

As winter set in and farm work became scarce, some people in the village frequented her home and introduced Falun Gong to her, saying, "Practicing Falun Gong can cure diseases. As long as you practice it hard, you will be completely cured of high blood pressure." Of course, Liu Huifen was initially half-hearted about such a miraculous effect, but as the days went by, the idea of giving it a try occurred in her mind! At first, she just read the book Zhuan Falun, practiced Gong, and did some meditation in her free time, just as a general exercise. Unexpectedly, because of her regular living habits, her physical condition was improved a lot. After practicing Gong for a few months, Liu Huifen felt that her health was much better than before, which made her become more enthusiastic and passionate about Falun Gong. Gradually, she believed in and became obsessed with Li Hongzhi's theory about “being a good person,” "eliminating karma," "reaching the next level," and "achieving consummation."

Liu Huifen was a diligent and dexterous person who wanted to do everything well. After getting addicted to Falun Gong, she spent most of her daily time practicing Falun Gong in order to achieve the goal of "eliminating karma" and "reaching the next level." Being deeply convinced that practicing Gong with sincerity would cure her illness, she no longer took her blood pressure medication as usual.

In this way, Liu Huifen got up early and slept late every day, practicing Falun Gong hard, reading Zhuan Falun over and over, and doing whatever the assistant at the practice site told her to do. Within less than half a year, she learned all five sets of Falun Gong exercises and could recite some passages of Zhuan Falun, although she received little schooling when she was young. She was so obsessed with practicing Gong and studying the Fa that she took it as her whole life, caring nothing about her family and farmland.

Seeing that Liu Huigen indulged in practicing Falun Gong every day, becoming a totally different person from what she was before, her family members, friends, and neighbors tried to persuade her to quit her practice by convincing her that Falun Gong couldn’t cure any disease, as many people had died or got disabled because of their blind faith in Falun Gong and refusal of medical treatment. But to Liu Huifeng, the opposition she faced was just a test for her in the process of "going up to the next level," so she turned a deaf ear to everything other than practicing Falun Gong.

Due to her long-term drug withdrawal, Liu Huifen’s blood pressure couldn’t be well controlled. In early 2001, her health showed obvious and serious signs of transformation to malignant hypertension: nausea and vomiting, unsteady walking, and so on. Her family tried every possible way to persuade her to stop her practice and go to the hospital as soon as possible, telling her it was the only right way to seek medical treatment for her disease. However, Liu Hui Fen was so addicted to Falun Gong that she refused to follow anyone's advice, insisting that this was a test by "Master" and that only by redoubling her efforts to reach the next level could she pass the test. She even threatened to run away from home if anyone continued to urge her to go to the hospital.

Li Hongzhi’s deceptive remarks about “eliminating karma" made Liu Huifen fall deeper and deeper into the Falun Gong evil cult. Due to her long-term refusal of medical treatment and medicine, Liu Huifen began to frequently experience such symptoms as headaches, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath, unsteady walking and so on, but she still refused to see a doctor. She threw the medicines her family bought for her into the trash, imagining every day that she could "eliminate her karma."

On April 20, 2007, after practicing Falun Gong for 10 years, Liu Huifen finally collapsed on the ground and fell into a coma. Doctors failed to save her life even though they had tried their best. No one could have thought that hypertension, a common chronic disease that can be well controlled by taking medication according to a doctor’s advice, would become a death knell for her, leading to her death from cerebral embolism. It was just because of her belief in Li Hongzhi's heretical fallacies instead of science that she lost her precious life at the age of 60!