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The tragic end of a mother-in-law who got addicted to Falun Gong under the influence of her daughter-in-law

2020-10-29 Source:Chinafxj.cn Author:Hou Chunxiao

To what degree could an evil cult lead people to go astray?

This is a question people in Xin Village, Xinglong Township, Xinghuang County, have the qualifications to answer because there occurred a case in connection with Falun Gong causing the death of a woman.

In Xin Village, there was once a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law who were as intimate as mother and daughter. Because of her weak and sickly body, the mother-in-law began to practice Falun Gong to improve her health under the guidance of her daughter-in-law. The mother-in-law practiced Falun Gong single-mindedly, while her daughter-in-law served as her guide, both of them looking forward to "Master" dispelling the mother-in-law's illnesses by “eliminating karma” for her. However, as the mother-in-law refused medical treatment, her new illnesses were added to the old ones. Finally, she died for missing the best time for medical treatment.

The mother-in-law was named Tang Lanfeng, while her daughter was named Yuan Qunzhi.

Tang Lanfeng was only 55 years old when she died on Dec.4, 2003.

"It's a sad day!" the villagers said.

Indeed, there are too many reasons for us to deplore her death.

The relationship between the mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law was so intimate, with the mother-in-law having a strong urge to survive in her prime years, and her daughter-in-law looking forward to her mother-in-law getting better as soon as possible...

However, the final result was the death of Tang Lanfeng, the mother-in-law.

People in the village said that Falun Gong has caused great miseries to this family!


However, Tang Lanfeng, the mother-in-law, and Yuan Qunzhi, the daughter-in-law, didn’t think so. Even at the end of her life, Tang Lanfeng asked her daughter-in-law, Yuan Qunzhi, to read the Falun Gong book Zhuan Falun and Li Hongzhi's so-called “New Scriptures” for her, while Yuan Qunzhi did exactly as what her mother-in-law said. What’s more, just before her death, Tang Lanfeng was still mumbling "Falun Dafa is good" in a very weak voice.

They did so with only one aim: to pray for "Master" Li Hongzhi to save the life of a "true disciple"!

However, by the time when Tang Lanfeng was dying, “Master’s Law Bodies,” which should have protected the “true disciples,” had vanished without a trace, so had the “Falun”, “Energy Mechanism”, and "Energy Field."

Everything was gone except the "consummation” mentioned by "Master."

Tang Lanfeng began practicing Falun Gong in 1999. In her neighbors’ impression, Tang was a “medicines container,” because she had bronchitis and many other diseases, which led to her taking medicines all year round. Although she often suffered from painful torture of these diseases, her conditions could sometimes be alleviated by taking the medicines. The doctors said that there wouldn’t be any serious problems as long as she took medicines on time.

Later, Tang Lanfeng's complexion gradually improved for a short period. During that time, Tang talked a lot, and whenever she met someone, she would praise her daughter-in-law for her filial piety and talk about the benefits of practicing Falun Gong.

The harmonious relationship between Tang Lanfeng and Yuan Qunzhi was well-known in their village and had won the praises of all fellow villagers. As for the “magic power” of Falun Gong, the villagers had never heard of it before.

The villagers learned from Tang Lanfeng that her daughter-in-law, Yuan Qunzhi, had once told her: "Master said that Falun Gong gathered the energy of the universe and that practicing Falun Gong could help people keep fit without taking any medicines or injections. So, just practice it with me! It is guaranteed that you will have good health in a short time.”

That’s why Tang Lanfeng stopped taking medicines and practiced Gong with her daughter-in-law Yuan Qunzhi.

The beautiful hope for good health, the strong temptation of “Milk-White Body” and “Pure-White Body,” the thought of being protected by “Master’s Law Bodies,” the freshness of accepting new things, and the regular exercise combined to make Tang Lanfeng feel that her health was indeed getting better. 

However, a few days after Tang Lanfeng's mental state had improved somewhat, illnesses came her way again. As she had stopped taking medicinesfor many days, her conditions became more serious this time. Her family persuaded her to go to the hospital for a check-up, but she refused. After more than a month, her family members, feeling she couldn’t be allowed to go on like this anymore, forcibly sent her to the nearby Hong Yan Village Clinic. After receiving some treatment, her condition improved.

Later, someone asked her, "Didn't you say that practicing Gong could cure your illness? Then why did you go to the hospital?"

But she answered, "It's because I haven’t achieved enough ‘advancement’ or reached the adequate ‘level’. If my ‘Pole of Gong’ had reached a certain level, I wouldn't have gone to the hospital."

By that time, Tang Lanfeng's mind had been firmly controlled by Falun Gong's heretical fallacies.

In July 1999, the Falun Gong evil cult was banned by the government per the law. Instead of waking up to her errors, Tang Lanfeng continued to practice Falun Gong and “spread the Fa.”  She frequented the nearby town of Dalong to participate in the so-called “Fa-conference” and went out regularly to distribute Falun Gong propaganda materials. During that time, Tang Lanfeng often "clarified the truth" to her neighbors, relatives, and friends. In her view, this could help her go to the next level, gain Gong, and get the protection by “Master’s Law Bodies.”

However, “protection by the Law Bodies” proved to be a deceit, while "eliminating karma and disease" turned out to be a daydream. When Tang Lanfeng was busy “spreading the Fa,” her old disease reoccurred from time to time.

As usual, Tang Lanfeng refused to take injections or medicines, still believing that "Master" was helping her to "eliminate karma."

Yuan Qunzhi, Tang’s daughter-in-law, also believed in “Master” and “Dafa.” Whenever Tang’s condition worsened, she would encourage her by saying, "Master is testing you so that you can pass the test by eliminating your karma. With the protection of Master’s Law Bodies, practitioners will overcome any illness as long as they persevere in practicing Gong and studying the Fa.”

When Tang’s neighbors, relatives and friends saw that she was suffering from an unbearable illness, they all urged her to go to the hospital immediately for a check-up. But she always endured the pain, saying that this was a test by "Master" and that “Master” would come and "cleanse her body" her as long as she persisted in practicing Gong and studying the Fa.

Whenever her condition was alleviated somewhat, Tang Lanfeng would say that it was owing to "Master’s blessing" and the "power of Dafa."

Tang Lanfeng hoped that the "Master" who "leads people to a higher level" could bless and save her, but what she had been waiting for expectantly was her condition deteriorating rapidly. In the second half of 2003, the "Power of Dafa" finally turned her into a bedridden patient.

People in the village said that it was Tang’s obsession with the Falun Gong evil cult that had got her to this state. However, Tang believed that it was because of her “insincerity” that resulted in her failing to pass the test set by "Master".


Lang’s relatives and friends once again urged Tang Lanfeng to go to the hospital for a check-up, but she once again refused to follow their advice, insisting that "as a practitioner, I don't need to take injections or medicines. This is the way I'm eliminating my karma."

Finally, Tang’s family members had no choice but to forcibly send her to the People's Hospital in the county. After her check-up results came out, the doctor sighed and said, "It's too late for treatment now. You’re advised to go home.”

Tang Lanfeng, who was already in the advanced stages of uterine cancer, had missed the best period of treatment due to her long-term refusal of medical treatment…

That’s the tragic story of a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law who were addicted to the Falun Gong evil cult. It’s a pity that the mother-in-law died in the end for believing in Falun Gong’s heretical fallacies instead of seeking medical treatment for her illnesses. The mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law, as close as they were, would never meet in this life again.

It’s true that the "Dafa scriptures" had become the death scriptures of those obsessed followers of Falun Gong.

Now, the death of Tang Lanfeng is often mentioned by people in the village. Some people say that Tang Lanfeng and her daughter-in-law are too infatuated with Falun Gong, while others say that Falun Gong is a truly deceptive and harmful cult that kills people.

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