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She "spread the Fa" during the SARS epidemic to seek protection from Li Hongzhi’s “Law Bodies” but only to lose her life

2020-11-09 Source:Chianfxj.cn Author:Gao Lin

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Li Wenzheng, who lives in Donggancheng Village, Mengke Town, Hualong District, Puyang City, Henan Province, couldn’t help but think of his wife who died 11 years ago. Li’s wife was an obsessed Falun Gong follower at that time. Thinking she had the protection of Li Hongzhi’s "Law Bodies”, she insisted on going out to "spread the Fa" at the risk of being infected during the SARS epidemic in 2003. As a result, this devout Falun Gong follower who had been seeking protection from Li Hongzhi’s “Law Bodies” finally lost her life in a traffic accident, leaving her family with immense pain and sadness.

The burning desire to have a child led to her being deceived into joining the evil cult

Zhang Guiyun, as Li Wenzheng's wife was called, was born on March 16, 1945, and had primary school education. Being unable to bear children for a long time after her marriage, Zhang Guiyun adopted a daughter later. In some rural areas, if a woman couldn't give birth to children, it was a shame to her as she would become the object of gossip in the village. For this reason, Zhang Guiyun always felt that she couldn’t hold her head up in front of her neighbors, so she had a burning desire to get pregnant and have a child.

One day in March 1996, a Falun Gong practitioner from a neighboring village came to her, telling her that practicing Falun Gong could bring "blessings" to her and that it could not only cure all kinds of diseases but also allow her to get pregnant and have a child. This was exactly what Zhang Guiyun wanted, so she immediately agreed to join the Falun Gong group.

Initially, Zhang Guiyun just read Falun Gong books and practiced simple Falun Gong exercises at home, which didn’t affect much of her farm work. However, as she practiced more and more, she became increasingly proactive. It seemed that she had turned from an originally introverted woman to a completely different person, who talked to herself all day long and preached Falun Gong to everyone she met. Once she learned that someone was ill or in trouble, she would take the opportunity to visit his or her family to tout the "supernatural power" of Li Hongzhi’s "Law Bodies".

Li Wenzheng, Zhang Guiyun’s husband, was very worried about the change in her, so he urged her not to practice Falun Gong any more. However, no matter how he tried to persuade her, she refused to listen to his advice, because she had been brainwashed by the heresies of Falun Gong. She mistakenly believed that her husband's discouragement was a test by “Master” of her resolve to “ascend to a high level”, so she became more determined to practice Falun Gong.

She put herself in harm’s way by "spreading the Fa" during the SARS epidemic

In July 1999, after Falun Gong was banned by the state government according to law, Zhang Guiyun, who still refused to realize her error, insisted on continuing to practice it. When her husband took the opportunity to persuade her to quit her practice, she exploded with anger. In order to "ascend to high levels", she constantly participated in clandestine Falun Gong activities such as "spreading the Fa" or "protecting the Fa". Besides, she often went out in the middle of the night to distribute leaflets and pamphlets from door to door, or hang banners and posting slogans. Even during the SARS outbreak in 2003, she persisted in "spreading the Fa" everywhere. In that period, due to the epidemic prevention and control measures, people were guarding the entrance of each village, so she was forced to post slogans and distribute leaflets along the road.


Epidemic prevention and control points (photo from the Internet)

On May 16, when Zhang Guiyun was secretly posting slogans under the cover of the night in the county town of Puyang, she accidentally fell into a stinky water hole beside the road, which nearly cost her her life. However, at the critical time when the incident happened, what she cared about wasn’t protecting her own body, but raising the slogan "Falun Dafa Is Good" above her head, fearing that it would be stained with muddy water.

One day in July 2005, the weather was sultry with dark clouds hanging low in the sky. Zhang Guiyun planned to go to pick up her granddaughter from school. When she was about to leave home, her daughter reminded her to bring a raincoat with her. However, Zhang Guiyun said, “The rain won’t fall on me, as I'm a Dafa disciple." On her way back from school, a sudden gust of wind and thunder came when she rode her bike close to the entrance of the village. Her granddaughter urged her to ride faster. However, Zhang Guiyun said, "The Law Bodies are everywhere, and they will hold up an umbrella for us." Just as she was approaching the door of her house, it rained cats and dogs. Her daughter rushed out of the house with a raincoat to meet her, but she had already been drenched with rain. As Zhang Guiyun caught a cold in the rain, she had a fever and coughed for several days. But instead of coming to her senses, she thought that her "righteous thoughts" were not firm enough.

Increasing addiction to Falun Gong eventually caused her death in an accident

On the evening of November 15, 2008, Zhang Guiyun told her husband that she was going out to exchange her experience of practicing Gong with her fellow practitioners. Li Wenzheng, her husband, tried to stop her because he was worried about her safety. But Zhang Guiyun said angrily, "if you don't let me go today, I will die before you immediately." Li Wenzheng couldn't help but let her go. On the way to a neighboring village, Zhang Guiyun rode her bicycle very fast, thinking nothing bad would happen to her since she was working for "Dafa" and had the protection of Li Hongzhi’s "Law bodies". Due to the darkness and poor vision, Zhang Guiyun was caught by a pickup truck coming from behind when she arrived at a corner. After being dragged for 10 meters by the truck, Zhang Guiyun was heavily slammed on the ground and then lost her consciousness.

When Zhang Guiyun woke up, she found himself lying in a hospital bed. It turned out that after the truck knocked her down and the driver escaped the scene, she was fortunately found in time by a fellow villager, who immediately called120 for rescue. Through an examination, the doctor found her left leg was fractured, while her lung, spleen’ and visceral organs were damaged to varying degrees, so she was required to be hospitalized for treatment. However, Zhang Guiyun insisted on going home, saying plausibly and volubly: "I have the protection of Law Bodies. I will be fine. This is a test of me by Master.” Knowing she had a bad temper and fearing she would do something stupid, her family members had to help her get discharged from the hospital.

According to the doctor's advice, Zhang Guiyun needed to continue taking medicine to prevent infection after discharge from the hospital and to return to the hospital for reexamination on time. Back at home, Zhang Guiyun thought that it was due to the protection of "Master" that she survived the accident. Therefore, she threw away all the medicines prescribed by the doctor and practiced Falun Gong much more intensively, hoping that the protection from Li Hongzhi’s “Law Bodies” could help her recover as soon as possible.


 (Image from the Internet)

However, the miracle didn’t come as Zhang Guiyun expected. Her condition got from bad to worse. On the morning of March 20, 2009, her husband found her lying unconscious in bed and immediately sent her to the hospital for rescue. Unfortunately, it was too late. Zhang Guiyun died after unsuccessful rescue efforts. According to doctors’ analysis, Zhang Guiyun died of respiratory failure caused by a severe respiratory tract infection. However, the infection resulted both from the lung injury done by the previous traffic accident and from her refusal of drug treatment.

It’s a pity that Zhang Guiyun left the world in this way. As a devout "Dafa disciple”, she had never got the protection from Li Hongzhi's "Law Bodies". Practicing Falun Gong only brought immense harm instead of great “blessings” to her family!