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She was cheated out of her savings by the “Almighty God” organization besides being deflowered by its members

2020-11-12 Source:chinafxj.cn Author:Lin Feng

When speaking of her experience of erroneously believing in the “Almighty God” evil cult, Xiao Li (pseudonym) couldn’t help but shed her tears of remorse. Because she strayed into the "Almighty God" evil cult, she was not only cheated out of the hard-earned money she and her husband had earned for more than 10 years but was also raped by the "Almighty God" cult members. This had become a pain in her heart she never wanted to talk about with anyone else.


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She was dragged by a fellow-townswoman into the abyss of the evil cult

Xiao Li is a 40-odd year old beautiful woman from Sichuan. More than 10 years ago, she and her husband came to work in Yuhuan, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. Although the work was hard, the couple lived happily together.

One day in 2012, when Xiao Li was out shopping for food, she met Sister Wang, a fellow- townswoman. The fact that Sister Wang came from the same hometown as Xiao Li did and that both worked far away from home gave Xiao Li a sense of special warmth and kindness, so they gradually became sister-friends who kept no secrets from each other. One day, Xiao Li confided her worries to Sister Wang, saying that due to her physical conditions she hadn’t conceived a child for many years after marriage. Hearing about Xiao Li’s worries, Sister Wang warmly comforted her by saying: "As long as you believe in 'Almighty God' as I do, it will not only keep your whole family safe but will also give you a child!" Sister Wang looked very sincere when saying so.

Learning that believing in "Almighty God" could help her conceive a child, Xiao Li suddenly got interested in it. Then, under the guidance of Sister Wang, she made no hesitation in writing a letter of guarantee promising to join the “Almighty God” evil cult.

Since she became an “Almighty God” believer, Li seemed to have turned into a completely different person. As a wholehearted follower of the "Almighty God" evil cult, she often ran away from work to attend gatherings. When she returned home, she kept talking to herself, reluctant to do housework such as cooking and washing.

Xiao Li's behavior triggered her husband's dissatisfaction, so he earnestly advised her to quit the "Almighty God" evil cult and avoid being addicted to it. However, she refused to follow his advice, which resulted in the couple quarreling frequently and their relationship becoming increasingly difficult.

Obsession with the evil cult resulted in all her life savings being swindled

“Almighty God” followers are required to hand in money to the evil cult organization when they attend communion gatherings. That money was called "dedication money" Sister Wang told Xiao Li that the world was going to be destroyed soon, that only by giving “dedication money” to "God" could you remove ill fortunes and escape disasters, and that the more money you hand in, the faster you’d get the “passport” to heaven! As Xiao Li attended gatherings frequently and heard many others saying so, she gradually took them at their words. So, to get the “passport” to heaven as soon as possible, Xiao Li took out her savings time and again, giving them to the “Almighty God” cult organization as “dedication money”.

One day, Sister Wang said to Xiao Li: "The superiors told us to earn 'dedication money' by doing business, so we are going to invest in a hotpot restaurant. If you do a good job this time, you will be able to get the ‘passport’ to heaven."

It was no wonder that the hotpot restaurant wasn’t well managed. After all, these “Almighty God" followers didn’t know how to operate a restaurant except for “eating and drinking God’s words” all day long. Therefore, the hotpot restaurant was closed a few months after it was opened.

When Xiao Li’s husband learned that she had donated all the money they had earned, he shivered with anger and cursed her that she was possessed by ghosts. After the couple had a big quarrel, Xiao Li ran away from home in a fit of pique.

Xiao Li came to realize the truth only after she had been raped

After running away from home, Xiao Li no longer had anything else to worry about. From then on, she focused all her mind on the "Almighty God" cult activities.

In March 2016, Sister Wang took Xiao Li and three other "Almighty God" members to Nanyang, Henan Province, saying that they were going to meet the leaders of the "Almighty God" organization and to save more people.

On the day when arrived at Nanyang, they were arranged in an isolated courtyard in a very remote mountain village, surrounded by deserted fields. No sooner had they put their package in place than several men came in carrying a bag, searched them one by one, taking away their identity cards, cell phones, and other valuables.

Then, a man who called himself “the organization leader" announced the rules for them to follow, and assigned Xiao Li and the other women to live with different men, saying that it was designed to form "new families" to improve their "spirituality".

Xiao Li was arranged to share a room with a man named Qiangzi (pseudonym). She felt very scared but dared not refuse.

At night, the worse thing occurred. Qiangzi directly threw himself over Xiao Li’s body on the bed, saying he wanted to “Guolingchuang (pass through the soul bed)" with her. Xiao Li desperately refused him and struggled to kick him away with her feet. But no matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t get out of his control. In the end, she was brutally stripped naked and raped by the man.

Falling on the bed, Xiao Li felt herself burning both in body and mind. It wasn’t until this moment that she came to her senses: During the years after joining the "Almighty God" cult, she not only lost her job, donated all his savings but was also sexually attacked and raped...Finally, Xiao Li made up her mind to quit the "God Almighty" evil cult.

After everyone else had fallen asleep in the midnight of that day, Xiao Li crept out of the small courtyard and ran away hurriedly. It wasn’t until she had run a few kilometers out onto the main road that she recovered from her panic. Finally, with the help of a kind-hearted passer-by, she went to a bus station and returned to Taizhou by the first bus early in the morning.

Later, Xiao Li reported her experience by phone to the local police in Nanyang. However, when the police went to that small courtyard, they found it was already empty. Since then, Xiao Li has never heard of Sister Wang and three other "Almighty God" members.