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Pro-Trump rally in Sydney draws small but dedicated crowd

2020-11-25 Source:www.theaustralian.com.au Author:ANTON NILSSON

Will President Trump pardon himself?


Jim Sternhell went to the rally to show his support for outgoing US president Donald Trump.

A small group of Aussies waving American flags gathered at Martin Place in Sydney on Friday to show their backing for the outgoing US president Donald Trump.

Several of the speakers said they supported Trump because of his tough stance on China.

“It’s critically important to support Trump in his campaign against corruption.”

The rally drew around 30 people, many of whom carried signs with slogans such as “Trump 2020”, “Four more years” and “Australians support Trump”.

Another rally participant, Jim Sternhell, said he was invited by a contact at the newspaper Epoch Times, a far-right international newspaper affiliated with the Falun Gong religious movement and with a strong pro-Trump editorial stance.

A separate Falun Gong rally was held simultaneously, just metres away, and several people at the Trump rally handed out copies of Epoch Times.

But Ms Settle said her rally had nothing to do with Falun Gong.

“This event is just based around supporting Trump. We’re separate, they practice whatever they do and we do our campaign to support Trump.”

Mr Sternhell, a dentist by trade who was wearing a full American flag-outfit with red and white striped pants and a blue jacket, said Mr Trump was a “tactical genius” whose policies should be implemented in Australia as well.

Event organiser Jenny Settle said she supports Trump because of his strong stance on China.

“We’ve been following American politics for over five years, with very avid interest,” Mr Sternhell said.

“The very future of humanity is at stake in all of this.”

Like several other people at the rally, Mr Sternhell said he believed in the conspiracy theory that the US election was “stolen” by Joe Biden.

In fact, there has been no credible evidence of widespread fraud in the November 3 election, which Biden is projected to win with 306 electoral votes against Trump’s 232.

“The exact extent obviously I don’t know, but Trump has been following this, and it’s going to come out at thanksgiving next week, the extent of the fraud,” Mr Sternhell said.

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