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Falun Gong endangers the society
Adjust font size:   Close 银川晚报  2007-12-13

Falun Gong perishes affection and destroys families

Family is the cell of the society and harmonious families are the footstone of a stable society. Bewitched by the heretical theories of "getting rid of attachments", "getting to higher levels" and "obtaining consummation" of Li Hongzhi and his cult Falun Gong, some obsessed practitioners of Falun Gong abandoned the love between husband and wife, ignored the affection of family and created one after another tragedies of family breakup.

Li Weidong, a farmer from Liaoyang of Liaoning province, killed himself because he was obsessed with the "getting to the heaven" heresy of Falun Gong.

Feng Shaobao, a citizen of Nanjing of Jiangsu Provnice, died because of practicing Falun Gong and left his eld father alone.

Sun Yanling, a farmer from Bengbu of Anhui province, died because of practicing Falun Gong and her children became orphans.

Gao Encheng thought "his Gong has obtained consummation" after practicing Falun Gong. On November 6, 1998, he held his son, Gao Xiong in his arms and jumped down from fourth floor. He died on the spot at the age of 42. After timely salvage, Gao Xiong came through, but a harmonious family was ruined.

Shu Yanhua was from Jilin province. After practicing Falun Gong, she did not send her son to hospital when he was sick. Her husband was not able to concentrate on his work because of desperate sorrow. Wang Lu, her six-year-old son drew three pictures of "the crying little deer is looking for his mother" for her, hoping that she would give up her ridiculous view.

Shi Shuyan, a citizen from Dongguang town, Dongguang county of Hebei province, had a happy family. After obsessed with Falun Gong in March 1999, she always behaved ridiculously. On May 3, 1999 she chopped her own head with a kitchen knife and injured herself severely.Instead of sending her to hospital,  her "fellow practitioners" used the photo of Li Hongzhi to press down "devil". At last Shi died because of serious bleeding at her age of  49.

Yin Shuping, a citizen of Jinzhou district of Dalian city, did not care about her family business and left home without telling family members for several times after practicing Falun Gong. Seeing all that happened, the girlfriend of her son broke up with him.

Wang Xidong, a citizen of Dandong city in Liaoning province, killed himself by jumping out of a car on August 21, 1999 after practicing Falun Gong. He was the only son of his family and the date of his death was just a month from the date assigned for his marriage. At that time his new house had been decorated and all kinds of housing facilities had been fully prepared, and his friends and relatives had been received invitations. However, he stepped on the way to follow Li Hongzhi with no good end. His family members had undergone great psychological shock because of this.

Why they abandoned their affection, because they believed in the words of Li Hongzhi:

"You should practice in difficulties. It depends on whether you can abandon your affections and desires. Human beings live for affections, such as affection between relatives, affection between man and woman, affection between you and your parents and affection of friendship. If you cannot abandon your affections, you can not practice anymore." -- cited from "Zhuan Falun" of Li Hongzhi

"Devil is disturbing you and does not allow you to practice." -- cited from "Zhuan Falun" of Li Hongzhi

"Among your family members there may be a controller like a devil." -- cited from "The Explanation of Zhuan Falun" of Li Hongzhi

Li Hongzhi endangered the society by bewitching followers

One of the particular characteristics of Falun Gong was to despise laws and oppose the government.

"The laws of human being are just to restrict and block out people automatically. People are controlled like animals and they have no hope." -- cited from "Falun Fofa -- Fa-teaching in USA" of Li Hongzhi

"If a common people want to obtain consummation, he cannot achieve the goal without real tests. And since there are so many people, it's better to test a lot of people together than testing them one by one. In fact, I think the number of people who were present in demonstration is not enough." -- cited from "Lections In Sydney" (1999-05-01) (Note: The above are the words Li Hongzhi said after illegal demonstration in front of the Beijing Zhongnanhai on April 25, 1999)

Bewitched by Li Hongzhi, Falun Gong illegally besieged news agencies and governmental institutions for many times.

Media paid broad attentions to Falun Gong for its deeds of spreading heresies and killing people. On June 17, 1996, Guangming Daily released a critical article entitled "We should always be alarmed in the war against pseudoscience -- topics aroused by the book of 'Falun Gong'", which publicly criticized the heresies of Li Hongzhi. Some media disclosed the typical cases of Falun Gong collecting money and killing people one after another, which made Falun Gong organizations stamp with fury. They instigated Falun Gong practitioners to harass or even publicly threaten related experts, scholars and reporters, and they called their actions "defending Fa".

According to incomplete statistics, Falun Gong practitioners besieged more than a dozen of media which published articles or broadcasted reports which disclosed the harms of Falun Gong, such as Guangming Daily, CCTV, BTV, Liaoning Daily, Nanfang Daily, China Youth Daily, Health News, Fuzhou Daily, Qilu Evening Newspaper, Hefei  Evening Newspaper, Chongqing Daily, Changzhou Daily, Science Review for Juvenile, Qianjiang Evening Newspaper and so on. Some of the Falun Gong practitioners played Falun Gong music at the location of the media all day long and hundreds of practitioners practiced Falun Gong there; some of them distributed Falun Gong materials to passers-by; some of them went into the offices of the media and tangled with editors and reporters on duty; some of them disturbed editors and reporters by calling them ceaselessly, which even compelled some chief editors to change their telephone numbers...When Falun Gong besieged Chongqing Daily, it even warned insanely, "If you don't say sorry, we will deliver Gong collectively and flood the building of the newspaper like the story of flooding Jinshan temple in the legend, and we will destroy the earth ahead of schedule. The behaviors of Falun Gong organizations who claimed to believe in "Truth, Compassion and forbearance" disturbed the social order severely and caused sordid social influences.

On May 24, 1998, "Beijing Express" program of Beijing Television Station broadcasted a special report entitled "Can qualification certification clear away false Qigong". The program reported a case that a student with doctor degree resulted in paralysis because of going to extremes when practicing Falun Gong, and the program appealed to reinforce management towards Qigong and teachers of Qigong should have certifications. After the broadcasting of the special report, the chief tutorship station of Falun Gong in Beijing organized more than 1,000 Falun Gong practitioners to besiege Beijing Television Station since May 29 successively. The television station was forced to fire an editor. After the incident, Li Hongzhi released a so-called "lection", in which he claimed, "There are some newspapers, broadcasting stations and television stations who try to destroy our Dafa, and we should not neglect. Dafa followers in Beijing have made use of a special method to stop them. In fact they are right." In the same "lection", Li Hongzhi warned those who did not take part in the besiegement, "At the key point when I ask you to break from other people, you do not follow me, so I will not give you chance anymore."

On October 17, 1998, because of republishing the article of "Falun Gong: taking off your camouflage", Xiamen Daily was illegally besieged by Falun Gong practitioners.

In April of 1998, "Qilu Evening Newspaper" of Shandong province published two criticizing articles entitled respectively "Take a look at what's going on with 'Falun Gong'" and "The methods of accumulating money of 'Falun Gong' master". After that Falun Gong instigated more than 1,500 practitioners to gather in front of the building of the newspaper and asked the newspaper to resume the reputation of Falun Gong. On May 4, after the medical newspaper "Health Digest Weekly" published the article "The illegal and deceptive 'Falun Gong'", which was taken passages from the articles of "Qilu Evening Newspaper", Falun Gong organized more than 400 practitioners to assemble and protest in front of the office of the newspaper since June 8.

On July 6, 1999, after "Falun Dafa bulletin" on the Internet published the information that kinescope of disclosing Falun Gong proposed by Wuhan Television Station of Hubei province was ready to broadcast in the program of "Light of Science" in CCTV 7, about 500 Falun Gong practitioners from Tianjin, Hebei, Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang came to CCTV in Beijing successively instigated by backbone practitioners. They tried to stop the broadcast of the program, and they claimed that the broadcast would be the general mobilization of Falun Gong practitioners and they would come to Beijing and make troubles. The air of threatening and arrogance was extremely high.

Because of publishing the article of the famous physical scientist He Zuoxiu entitled "I do not support youth to practice Qigong" in the college magazine of Tianjin Education College, the college was illegally besieged by more than 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners.

On April 25, 1999, more than 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners illegally gathered and protested in front of Zhongnanhai, disturbed the working order of the highest leading department of the Party and the country and disturbed the social order of the capital city.

Falun Gong created terrorist incidents

Li Hongzhi instigated obstinate Falun Gong practitioners publicly. He said that deaths for "righteous Fa" and "eliminating devils" were "consummation" and he directed a series of terrorist incidents personally, which extremely threatened and endangered the security of life and property of the society and the people.

"Followers should dare to walk out in front of death, dare to walk out from losing everything, dare to do every kind of greatness a Dafa follower should do." -- cited from "Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America" of Li Hongzhi

"If evil is too great to be saved, then we should stop and extinguish it with methods of various levels." -- cited from "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance" of Li Hongzhi

"Since the old devil forces provide us a chance to eliminate them, we should make good use of the chance." -- cited from "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Washington DC Fa Conference" of Li Hongzhi

"Da fa followers cannot obtain consummation if he cannot protect Dafa." -- cited from "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples" of Li Hongzhi

Taking a large deal of lethal weapons with them

Public Security departments confiscated a large amount of lethal weapons in the cases of illegal gathering of Falun Gong obstinate practitioners.

On December 31, 2000, policemen confiscated knives of 57 Falun Gong practitioners in Yanjiao checkpoint of Shanhe city in Hebei province. They took the knives with the intention to take part in violent activities.

On May 25, 2001, policemen confiscated Falun Gong banners attached with six detonators.

Plotting to topple over a train

Both Dou Zhenyang and Wang Hongjun were obstinate Falun Gong practitioners from Fushun city of Liaoning province. Since they were unsatisfied with the legal treatment towards criminal activities of Falun Gong, Dou called the public telephone of the mayor and demanded him to release the detained Falun Gong practitioners who took part in illegal gatherings. Since they didn't reach their goals, they plotted to topple over a train so as to force the government to give in. They set up barriers on the railway respectively on January 19 and January 23, 2001, which caused the severe damages to No. 2224 passenger train from Jilin to Tianjin and No. 545401 heavy haul train and the direct economic damage reached more than 760,000 Yuan.

Trying to create explosive incident

On the morning of April 5, 2000, Li Haifeng, an obstinate Falun Gong practitioner from Liujiang coal mine of Qinhuangdao in Hebei province took detonators with him and wanted to explode it on the Tian'anmen square. He was arrested on the spot.

Collecting and distributing name list of objectives of terrorist activities

Falun Gong released announcement through Internet in which it asked its domestic backbone followers to collect the information of people who helped to educate obsessed practitioners of Falun Gong and the information of their wives (husbands) and children as well, so as to plan terrorist activities towards them.

Falun Gong organizations made use of letter, telephone and email to threaten government service personnel.

A famous anchorman of CCTV was threatened and abused a lot of times by Falun Gong practitioners just because he broadcasted programs about the cult of Falun Gong in news program.

The principle of the First Intermediate People's Court of Beijing received the threatening letter from Falun Gong organization.

Falun Gong organization also sent threatening letters to the deputy chairman of Chinese Buddhism Association, Dao Shuren.

Filching confidential materials and endangering national security

Li Hongzhi and backbone Falun Gong practitioners Li Chang, Wang Zhiwen, Ji Liewu, Yao Jie and so on pried into the confidential telephone of governmental leaders and Public Security departments systemically and designedly. They illegally collected classified information of the Party and the government, illegally obtained and held 59 national classified documents, among which there were 20 top-secret, 24 confidential and 15 secret documents. In addition, they publicly distributed some of the classified information and tried to obtain initiative environment in the political battle. On July 20, 1999, public security department found 11 classified documents (including top-secret, confidential and secret documents) in the house of backbone Falun Gong practitioner Li Chang which he illegal obtained, found 20 classified documents and materials in the house of Wang Zhiwen, and found top-secret and confidential documents in the house of Ji Liewu and Yao Jie as well, which fully demonstrated the deep political intention of Li Hongzhi of combating with the Party and the government.

Li Chang, Wang Zhiwen, Ji Liewu and Yaojie, the backbone Falun Gong practitioners of "Falun Dafa Research Association" were sentenced set term imprisonment by the People's Court. All of them committed the crime of illegally obtaining national secrets.

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