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Falun Gong hijacking Sino Satellite: escalated crime provoked by evil
Adjust font size:   Close Xinhuanet By: Hu Guo, Wang Leiming and Zhai Wei 2008-01-30

Overseas Falun Gong cult organization hijacked the Sino Satellite, openly trampling on the code of international conduct. The international community has been greatly shocked, and is unanimous in condemnation. "Satellite communication and TV signals are not to be interfered with by any technical means or out of any motivation," Roger Smith, an official of the ITU Radiocommunication Sector said. "Satellite hijacking is a criminal act in the United States that is up to penalties including imprisonment," Legal expert of the Federal Communications Commission of the United States stressed. "Such conduct should be punished severely in any country of the world," said Richard Dole, manager of TV Broadcasting Center of Australia Global TV Communication Company.

However, overseas Falun Gong organization announced that "it is a conduct of peace and justice for the maintenance of justice" and "for the defense of international conventions".

Why is the tone of Falun Gong so different to the consensus of the international community? Actually, this is not at all surprising, for it is determined by the nature of Falun Gong as a cult organization. According to the "Dafa of the universe" of Falun Gong, the well-being and happiness of "common people" are "selfish" and "evil", and safeguarding the social order of the human society is something to be "judged", while killing and murdering are "saving people with mercy", and destroying social morals and trampling law are "upholding the Dafa"...Following such absurd and ridiculous logic of Falun Gong in looking at the various crimes it committed with disregard of law to afflict the society, it is not difficult for us to notice that hijacking the Sino Satellite is an inevitable result of the continuously escalating criminal conducts provoked by the evil nature of Falun Gong.

In June 1996, when Guangming Daily published an article criticizing Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi incited many Falun Gong practitioners to harass the newspaper and threaten its staff.

In May 1998, when Beijing TV reported on a Ph.D candidate who was paralyzed as a result of being obsessed with Falun Gong, more than 1000 practitioners were called together by Falun Gong and besieged the TV station for several days. Before the Chinese government cracked down on Falun Gong, such incidents as besieging news media and government agencies were as many as over 300 cases.

In January 2001, Dou Zhenyang and Wang Hongjun, Falun Gong members of Fushun, Liaoning Province, set up specially-made barriers on the railway twice, attempting to create disturbances and upgrading influences by derailing the train.

In November 2001, while constantly stirring up Falun Gong addicts in China to illegally trumpeting the cult in Tian'anmen Square, overseas Falun Gong organization also organized 35 foreign Falun Gong members to assemble illegally in Tian'anmen Square and create disturbances.

Recently, Falun Gong cult frequently disturbed the normal life of the public, harassed the social order and infringed on the public interests by using technical means. They set up websites on the Internet to spread fallacies and absurdities, aired rumors through telephone calls, sent reactionary emails, packet transmitted cellphone messages to confuse and poison people's minds, or played the "scriptures" of Li Hongzhi by timed players such as the "little loudspeaker" in public places.

Now the living space for Falun Gong has been shrinking with each passing day, and its energy in exercising the activities is constantly decreasing. Reaching the end of its road, Falun Gong cult organization is sure to put up a last ditch struggle, and the criminal activities it organizes or carries out are escalated, going from bad to worse.

In January, when families got together to celebrate the new year, Falun Gong cult organization in Chongqing cut the transmission cables of Chongqing Cable TV and illegally switched in TV signals of Falun Gong telling a pack of lies.

On March 5, when every family was watching the TV news on the opening of the 5th session of the 9th National People's Congress, Falun Gong cult organization in Changchun, Jilin Province cut the transmission cables of the cable TV and illegally switched in Falun Gong TV signals.

From June 23 to 30, overseas Falun Gong cult organization hijacked the Sino Satellite by transmitting illegal signals. This was an open challenge of human civilization, destroying the code of international conduct and public norms and infringing the public interests.

No high-sounding excuses could erase the irrefutable facts, and no soft veils could cover up the mean and ferocious expressions; the nature of Falun Gong as a cult organization determined that from the moment of its birth, it would be accompanied by these criminal conducts that infringed on the public interests and disturbed social order. Its evilness and crimes were highlighted by law breaking, moral breaching, rule challenging and society confronting.

It is not to be neglected that this series of continuously escalating crimes are the evil fruits borne by the evilness of the fallacies and absurdities of Li Hongzhi. Li Hongzhi trumpeted his fallacies loudly, exerting cruel spiritual control over Falun Gong practitioners; he threw out "scriptures" time and again, inciting Falun Gong practitioners to give up "worldly attachment", to "put down life and death and become god", and to "walk out bravely to support the Dafa"; in the "Circuit Teaching in North America" he concocted recently, Li Hongzhi even nakedly urged the addicts to eliminate the "evil" factors controlling people's minds in the world. As it was confessed by Liang Zhenxing, Falun Gong member that participated in destructing cables of cable TV in Changchun, Jilin Province, they directly learnt the specific techniques and operating methods for their sabotage from the "Minghui Net".

The escalated crimes of Falun Gong cult organization enable the people of the world to see more clearly the repulsive look of Falun Gong under the disguise of "truth, compassion, and forbearance". According to Falun Gong, it is the only one to have the freedom of trumpeting cult and spreading fallacies and absurdities, the freedom of hurting lives, afflicting society and committing crimes, and the freedom of lying and attacking China; others do not have the freedom to refuse accepting, the freedom to state the facts, or the freedom to safeguard social morals and to live legally. Such is sheer logic of robbers.

Defying law and infringing on public interests are the common characteristics of all cults in the world. This incident of satellite hijacking makes it clear once again that Falun Gong cult organization is not only a disaster to the Chinese people, but also the public enemy of the entire human society and modern civilization. The nature of Falun Gong as a cult determines its inevitable final extinction, but before that, the dying Falun Gong, in order to put up a last ditch struggle, will possibly commit more extreme crimes to harm mankind, with the hope that its extinction might be delayed. The incident of Falun Gong hijacking the Sino Satellite has sounded the bell for us again. Before the evil is extinguished, the world will not have peace. The whole world should join together to firmly hold back the momentum of the escalated crimes of Falun Gong and completely root out Falun Gong cult.

(Xinhua, July 11, 2002)

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