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The cult rituals within Falun Gong organization
Adjust font size:   Close 银川晚报 China Association for Cultic Studies 2008-10-14


Ⅰ Illustrative Cases Concerning Falun Gong's Cult Rituals
Case 1: Awakening to Reality after 'Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts' Failed
Case 2: My Experience of 'Ascension'
Case 3: The 'Amulet' that Harms or Even Kills People
Ⅱ The Internal Rituals of Falun Gong
1. Internal rituals performed by the individual practitioners, namely "Cultivation" and "Sending forth righteous thoughts"
2. Activities among the practitioners, namely "Group practice and Fa-study" and "Fa-conference and exchange views"
3. Activities between the practitioners and the non-practitioners, namely the "Truth-clarifying"
Ⅲ Functions of the Falun Gong Internal Rituals Function
1: Establish Dafa disciples' confidence and help them feel at home Function
2: Strengthen the Dafa disciples' depending-on emotions Function
3: Consolidate the Dafa disciples' worship of Li Hongzhi Function
4: Spread cult heresies and set against the society


Illustrative Cases Concerning Falun Gong's Cult Rituals


[Case 1]


Awakening to Reality after 'Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts' Failed[1]


My name is Gong Xiaonan and I work in a shipyard in Chibi City, Hubei Province. When I was a Falun Gong disciple, I was convinced of the power of "sending forth righteous thoughts" and became totally faithful to Falun Gong. Later on, I made myself a fool repeatedly in the course of "sending forth righteous thoughts." Yet gradually I came to realize that Falun Gong was truly a deceptive cult.


One night I went to a remote village with a fellow practitioner to distribute leaflets. When we just walked into the village, a dog barked at us fiercely, and more dogs came out and were about to spring upon me. However, I was not afraid at all, since I believed the Master would protect me and a few dogs were definitely unable to hurt me. Therefore I squatted and began "sending forth righteous thoughts." Strangely, the dogs did stop running after us. So we went on distributing leaflets, and I was even more convinced that "sending forth righteous thoughts" could really do wonders.


On the Eve of Spring Festival of 2005, my whole family was having a reunion dinner. I seized this opportunity to "send forth righteous thoughts" to my family members and advised my father to ensure his safety by quitting the Communist Party. As a result, my father drove me away from the dinner table with eating nothing at all. The whole family then broke up in discord. They said I must get some psychological problems, while I believed what I did was beneficial to my father.


One day in February last year, I wrote about a dozen of posters about Falun Gong with a brush pen and went out to paste them that afternoon. I planned to paste from our company all the way to the town. However, some one called the police when I just finished the third one; then a police car appeared with wailing sirens. Again, I was very calm: I was doing the right thing to save the world's people and the Master would protect me. I even imagined if I "sent forth righteous thoughts," the policemen would be struck dumb by my spell. Of course, I was arrested by two policemen. And on our way I kept "sending forth righteous thoughts" to drive away the "demon," but to no avail.


When I mentioned the "dog incident" to government instructors later, they all laughed, explaining it was common for dogs to stop running after you if you bent down. I tried it again, only to find it was true! Suddenly, I realized Li Hongzhi was a big liar. With the help of my colleagues, relatives and friends, I first doubted and finally completely denied Li Hongzhi's heresy. Now, when I look back at all these, I find at that time I was truly absurd and ridiculous!


[Case 2]


My Experience of 'Ascension'[2]


My name is Cui Qiaoyun, a retired worker in Kaifeng, the central China's Henan Province, and used to be a Falun Gong addict. I'm going to tell you my experience of "ascension," which sounds so ludicrous now.


At that time, several of us formed a study team, through which Falun Gong practitioners exchanged their experience and encouraged each other, building up our determination to practice Falun Gong time and again. In order to keep up with the practice, we bought a complete set of books as well as audio and video materials on Falun Gong. Some people had financial difficulties to begin with, but induced by the Falun Gong theories of practicing for completeness, curing diseases and body building, and becoming Buddha and Immortal, etc., they paid all they had for the books and discs. That time, ascension in the daylight with Master Li Hongzhi was the hope of all our fellow practitioners.


Infused with the fallacies and absurdities of Falun Gong, we gradually drifted away from the path of normal people and became extraordinary, posing ourselves as practitioners. We laughed at other people in the society who were buying houses, doing business, working, making every effort for a title of a technical post…For the image of the heaven would soon be shown to us, and all the things would disappear in a blink of the eye, but people were still spending money and energy to build houses, trying hard to learn those useless things, or learning those things with a faulty basis. Really, that was our true thought, regarding these people as ludicrous.


It was around the 9th day of the 9th month of the lunar calendar in 1995 that a note was passed along among the Falun Gong practitioners in Kaifeng. The "scripture" wrote: "Come out and observe the heavenly bodies." Hearing the news, members of our team gathered together and discussed excitedly for several days. We gave each other encouragement, imaging how would the Master Li Hongzhi call upon us and show up in the sky when he came, whether he would be able to name his devoted followers, and how we should follow him. Such thoughts made us very excited. It seemed that Consummation was at hand and we would be accomplished and follow the Master away. We even started to arrange for the things behind us, making arrangements for the family and saying farewells to them in the mind. Later, someone said that maybe it was because that the 9th day of the 9th month of the lunar calendar is the Height Ascending Festival, which means that it's time for leaving.


In the afternoon, I went to the supermarket and bought many things, clothes for different seasons for my daughter, quilts and winter clothes for my parents, spending all the money in my pocket. When I got home, I had supper with my all family members. To me, it was the last supper. At midnight, I arrived at the bank side of Longting Lake of Kaifeng. Many familiar or unfamiliar Falun Gong practitioners were gathering there. I found an obscure corner and singly sat down, watching the most beautiful place in the ancient city Kaifeng, with no mood to appreciate the scenery left more than 1,000 years. My heart was filled with joy and impulse waiting for "the Master." Time passed by. An hour later, it was already in the dead of night. Why Master Li didn't show up! Looking around, I could see clusters of fellow practitioners everywhere, waiting, some of them holding kids in their arms. Everyone was waiting for the change in the image of sky. Nothing happened by 2 o'clock in the next morning. At this time, a practitioner suggested that this might be a test of the Master. Others agreed, and scattered in droves. Nobody dared to doubt it was false, for doubt would generate karma. Infused with the theories of Falun Gong, we had lost the capacity of individual thinking and had become mindless puppets. A "feat of ascension" thus ended with silence.


Now I realize that the so-called "ascension in broad daylight" was a sheer trick. If Li Hongzhi were really such a rare "Buddha" rare to see in a thousand years, if he could go "ascension," he would not have to hide in the United States to eke out a living. So many years have passed, but is there ever a Dafa practitioner ascending in daylight?


[Case 3]


The 'Amulet' that Harms or Even Kills People[3]


I used to be a Falun Gong practitioner. Instigated by Minghui, I secretly distributed Falun Gong "amulets" to other people in order to "save" them. But to my astonishment, two fellow practitioners reserving amulets were both out of luck: one was thrown into jail for violating laws; the other died of cancer. Here is what happened:


One day in March 2007, Wang Yunzhu, my fellow practitioner invited me to a thanksgiving dinner in her house for my finding her a good husband. When we met she said to me mystically: "How can you still behave like an ordinary person? Fa's rectification of human world is approaching, and how can you do nothing to rescue the world's people?" Then, she continued to talk about "the God will annihilate the Communist Party," "the great elimination is oncoming" and so on. I was scared to death: if her words were true, I would "be distinguished physically and spiritually." But if I really "go out (against the government)" as asked by Li Hongzhi, I would certainly violate the national law. She seemed to look through my mind, and handed me dozens of hard-paper cards, on which were printed the picture of Li Hongzhi sitting on the lotus and words like "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance are good," "Falun Dafa is good" and "seeing is fortune, gaining is blessing." Then she said: "These amulets can bless you and keep you safe. If you give them to others, you'll rescue them, and that is an enormous beneficence."


Holding the amulets in hand, I felt much at ease. The moment I came back home I gave them to my sister and son. However, they refused to accept it, saying it was superstitious, and warned me not to do stupid things. I thought even my relatives were unwilling to take it, let alone others. I decided to keep them for the predestined ones.


One day in August 2007, I came across a fellow practitioner called Cheng Yuzhen. We had a talk and I knew she was also practicing Falun Gong secretly, and then she asked me if I had the amulets. Happily, I took out the amulets, kept one with myself and gave the rest to her. I believed I had done great beneficence and felt quite satisfied.


Several days later, however, the policemen came to find me. The reason was that Chen Yuzhen, with the amulets on her, thinking she would be protected by the Master, spread amulets and shouted out "Falun Dafa is good" on the No. 56 bus. She was reported to the police and arrested on the spot. When she was on trial, she confessed the amulets were all from me.


More unexpectedly, Chen Yuzhen who had practiced Falun Gong for years caught pancreas cancer. Recently, she always felt pain in her abdomen; however, she thought it was from Li Hongzhi who helped her "remove Karma." In September 2007, the pain became unbearable and she conceded to go to hospital under the plea of her family members. The result turned out to be a terminal pancreas cancer. She died only half a year later.


Relying on the protection of "amulet," Wang Yunzhu printed thousands of Falun Gong leaflets and distributed them around, thus, she was arrested and thrown into jail.


The two cases make me realize Falun Gong's "amulets" harm or even kill people. The so-called amulets are actually utilized by Li Hongzhi to incite his followers to make turmoil in society! I want to tell those obsessed disciples, "tragedies have already happened; Falun Gong and its amulets can only bring you disaster, please give them up now!"

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