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How Falun Gong treats family emotions
Adjust font size:   Close 银川晚报 China Association for Cultic Studies 2008-10-14



Ⅰ Illustrative Cases of Falun Gong Disregarding Family Emotions

Case 1: Falun Gong Deprives Me of the Last Chance to Requite My Mother

Case 2: Falun Gong almost Makes Me Isolated from All My Relatives and Friends

Case 3: Falun Gong Changes Me into an Inhuman Puppet

Case 4: The Demon Makes Me Desert My Family

Case 5: I Start My Life Afresh after Waking up Completely

Ⅱ How Does Falun Gong Treat Family Affections?

1. Li Hongzhi’s theory of relinquishing sentimentality and reaching Consummation

2. Li Honzhi’s theory of people do not have real family members in the world

3. Li Hongzhi’s theory of replacing sentimentality with benevolence

4. Li Hongzhi’s theory of repaying with blessings in paradise

5. Li Hongzhi’s theory of saving all sentient Beings


Illustrative Cases of Falun Gong Disregarding Family Emotions


[Case 1]


Falun Gong Deprives Me of the Last Chance to Requite My Mother[1]


My name is Zhang Zhenyu and I live in Yangji Town, Tancheng County, Shandong Province. Seven years ago, as an obsessed Falun Gong follower in pursuit of "going to Paradise and reach Consummation," I blindly disregarded affections from my family, became inhuman and ignored social ethics and laws. My inhumanity brought endless vexation and sadness to my family; as a result, my mother left the world with eternal regret and pain.


Looking back, I felt as if I had lived in a dream; however, all that happened remained so vivid.


In hopes of "cultivating mind and following the good," I began to practice Falun Gong in 1995. The fabrication "to get into a high level" and "to reach Consummation" invented by Li Hongzhi dissolved my world-weariness and catered to my indolent attitude. At that time, I imagined how wonderful it would be if I could cultivate myself into a god or Buddha in my life. So I was totally obsessed by Falun Gong and practiced it day and night. During that period, I became indifferent to any other things, insolated myself from the society (I disconnected communication with others, stopped reading other books and refused to watch television including CCTV news programs), pursuing nothing except Consummation. I even stopped doing chores or farming. I was intoxicated to believe "I am the only sober person in the world" and plunged myself completely into an evil trap set up by Li Hongzhi.


Before the"4.25 Incident," I spared no efforts to spread the Fa in order to "acquire virtues" and "get into high level," and even persuaded my kind-hearted wife to believe it. When the government banned the cult in 1999, I left my five-year-old son alone at home and went twice to Beijing with my wife to seek "Consummation." When asked by others why I didn't take my son with me, I told them absurdly "the child is too young to be taken into Paradise and I let him accompany the elderly." In fact, my mother then was confined to bed by serious illness; my 60-year-old father had to attend not only to my mother, but also my 80-year-old grandmother who was almost incapable of taking care of herself. However, I burdened him more by leaving my little son to him. It is impossible for my aged father to look after them all, let alone to cope with the Autumn Harvest. But I was deeply captivated by the lie "When he succeeds in cultivation in the future, he will get whatever he wants just by holding out his hands… he can bring his relatives to his own paradise as sentient beings." I disregarded my family but comforted myself with so-called "Repaying with blessings in Paradise." In order to reach Consummation and go to Paradise, I totally ignored my parents' sufferings.


Now, recollecting this, I, with the original aim to "cultivate mind and follow the good," have actually gone to the opposite. Disregarding my mother's illness, I believed she needed to remove her Karma; neglecting my father's hardship, I considered that to be his fate, he deserved it. How selfish, brutal and inhuman I had been!


My parents loved me with their whole heart, brought me up through all kinds of hardship and helped me to set up a happy family; but when they badly needed me, I offered nothing but harm to them inhumanly many a time!


When my wife and I violated national law for distributing Falun Gong leaflets and had been taken into custody, my seriously-ill mother who was helped by the trembling hands of my aged father came to see me. She took my hands and said to me in tears, "My boy, come back home. We all need you." I pushed away her hands and climbed up to the window, waiting for the appearance of "propitious clouds" and the moment to go to Paradise.


I wrote a promise against my will to say I would stop practicing Falun Gong when I heard about my mother was terminally ill.


When I went back home, I felt dazed all day long, paying no attention to my mother's illness for fear that I would be punished by Li Hongzhi. I remembered he used to say: Those who betrayed Falun Dafa would "be sent to hells; be tortured and disposed of physically and spiritually for good"; he also emphasized many times that those who betrayed the main deity were more guilty and whose original souls would be threw down to hell, then be put in a spittoon. The spittoon was full of phlegm of the sick and you would be there forever. The Master would keep you conscious, making you suffer the unbearable filthiness eternally.


Hoping to make up my mistakes, I together with my wife fled to Hebei Province in 2000, leaving my critically ill mother and my little son at home again. We rent a room there and engaged in Falun Gong activities heart and soul. Harboring the aspiration to gain Consummation sooner and incited by "no pains, no gains" boasted by Li Hongzhi, we handed out leaflets secretively and industriously. I totally forgot my pathetic mother. If not my wife made a call home out of worrying; my family even couldn't connect me to inform me of my mother's death.


My mother left the world with deep regret; I, being intoxicated by Falun Gong, even shed no tiny tear for her, neither had I kowtowed in her mourning hall as others usually do. According Li Hongzhi, we cultivated people were superior and how could we kowtow to those "ordinary people"? My mother was an "ordinary person," and she died because her longevity ended. There was, of course, no need for me to feel sad! I was truly fatuous and inhuman at that time!



[Case 2]


Falun Gong almost Makes Me Isolated from All My Relatives and Friends[2]


My name is Zhao Xiaoping. I'm a farmer in Baixiang County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province. Now, when I recall the course of practicing Falun Gong, I find my life during those three years miserable and tortuous.


Wishing to improve health and follow the good, I started to practice Falun Gong in 1998. Soon after that, I was totally obsessed by the so-called "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" preached by Li Hongzhi. And my thinking and doing changed radically. I hung the portraits of Li Hongzhi all over the walls, practiced Falun Gong all day long and stopped talking to others. At that time, I regarded Dafa study as the first priority in my life. Once I saw my family members working industriously, I became quite annoyed. I thought if we practiced Falun Gong, we could go to "Paradise" and gain "Consummation" easily and there was no need to work hard. I thought it was my "glorious" responsibility to persuade them into practicing Falun Gong and help them to get out of "the abyss of misery." At first, I tried to persuade my son to set an example for others. I went to his home everyday and asked him to practice Falun Gong with me. However, my daughter-in-law was strongly against me, and she said I had already become insane because of Falun Gong and she didn't want his husband to suffer the same. I was furious, and then I started a rumor in my village that my daughter-in-law was a "devil" that prevented my son from reaching Consummation. For this, my daughter-in-law hated me intensely. Each time I went to my son's house, she would stand in the way with a kitchen knife in her hand threatening to die together with me if I dared to get in. When I found it's impossible to persuade my son, I began to instruct my sister who used to practice Falun Gong. I went to her home at intervals and persuaded her into practicing Falun Gong again. Knowing this, my nephew drove me away from his home, condemned me as "an evil spirit" and forbad me to go to his home forever. After these failures, I was more assured with my responsibility to "save all sentient beings." Whenever I dropped around relatives and neighbors, I would instruct them to practice Falun Gong, while they would turn away from me as avoiding the plague. Finally, I was raging and firmly believed in the words of Master Li Hongzhi: they are just ordinary people, the devils interfering with Fa-rectification. Only by cutting off my relations with them and letting go of attachment could I "get into a higher level" and gain Consummation. As a result, I purposely disconnected communications with all my children, relatives and neighbors and made myself utterly isolated from the outside world.


Later on, with the help of government instructors, I gradually realizes my absurdness. It is my perverse belief that made me isolated from my children; my selfishness made me loss all my relatives; and my striving for Consummation drove neighbors away from me. They are not devils; it is Falun Gong that made me a devil. To my gratitude, ever since I have stopped believing in Falun Gong, my relatives and friends come back to me and my life is full of laughter and happiness again.
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