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Case analysis of cruelly killing youngsters of Falun Gong
Adjust font size:   Close 银川晚报 By: Jiang Tao 2008-03-24

Influenced by the theories of Li Hongzhi, the cognition and behavior of Falun Gong practitioners had been seriously distorted. And practitioners who were deeply obsessed had caused a lot of tragedies. Among them there were many youngsters who became the victims of Falun Gong. The writher has gathered some cases and tries to make a through analysis.

I. Suicide caused because of practicing Falun Gong

Case 1: On January 23, 2001, followed Li Hongzhi's requirement of "Giving up life and death", "pursuing consummation", seven Falun Gong followers collectively burned themselves on the Tian'anmen Square in Beijing, which killed two people and severely injured and crippled three. The two dead people were Liu Chunling and her 12 years old daughter Liu Siying.

Liu Siying, female, born in March 1988, an elementary school student of fifth grade. She followed her mother Liu Chunling and began to practice Falun Gong in 1999. After the self-burning incident, the burn areas reached 40% of her whole body and the burns of her head and face reached fourth degree. It was difficult to breathe for her and she died after the wholehearted salvage of the doctors failed.

Case 2: On August 16, 1999, deluded by Falun Gong, a high school student named Chen Ying got psychiatric disorder, jumped from the train no. 439 from Beijing to Kiamusze and died.

Chen Ying was a 17-year-old second grade student of Shuren High School of Kiamusze City, Heilongjiang Province. She was a good student excellent both in conduct and learning and had been awarded "three good" student for many times. However, after practicing Falun Gong following her mother Chen Xiuzhen, releasing souls of others, practicing Gong and becoming God and Buddha became her only goals. In July 1999, Chen Ying, psychiatrically disordered, left her home in the name of practicing Gong. Her family members and her school staffs spent a lot of money and time and tried their best to look for her. In August, her family members finally found her. However, at that time Chen Ying was already psychiatrically disordered and intended to kill herself for several times. On the way back to Kiamusze, Chen Ying jumped out of the train through the window of the lavatory. When facing with the bloody reality, Chen Xiuzhen, who lost her beloved only daughter, felt too late to repent.

Analysis of the reason

Li Hongzhi libeled human being's cherishing towards life, the needs and emotions of normal people as "punctiliousness". He claimed people could become god only by getting rid of "punctiliousness". He said in "Teachings in New York City" on March 23, 1997, "If you can let go of life and death, you’re a God; if you can’t let go of life and death, you're a human - this is the difference." He also mentioned in "Teachings in European Lections", "I also want to bring humankind a magnificent scene at the time of your Consummation. My thought is this: Have all Dafa disciples, regardless of whether they need bodies or not, elevate their bodies into the sky and then fly away; those who don't need bodies will have their bodies go through Light-Transformation in the air." These heretical theories made up so called fantastic scenery for Falun Gong practitioners and became the inducements of continuous suicide incidents of practitioners.

In addition to the above teachings, Liu Siying was also instigated and bewitched by following "teachings" of Li Hongzhi:

During May and June of 2000, Li Hongzhi, who fled abroad, released many "teachings" so as to instigate deeply bewitched Falun Gong practitioners to "walk out in pressure" and serve as the "cannon fodder" and victims for his confrontation against the government and the law. In the teaching "Achieving Consummation" published on June 16, 2000, Li Hongzhi clamored that practitioners can "achieve consummation" only by "genuinely integrating their whole lives with Fa".

On August 12, 2000, Li Hongzhi, anxious to show his power, released the "teaching" named "Getting rid of the last punctiliousness" in which he claimed, "now is the last chance to practice and obtain the essence of Fa", and is the deadline of "achieving consummation". And he instigated obsessed followers to "achieve consummation" at the turn of the century.

On January 1, 2001, Li Hongzhi released "teaching" of "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance", in which he claimed "If the evil has already reached the point where it is unsavable and unkeepable, then various measures at different levels can be used to stop it and eradicate it.", and he instigated obsessed followers to abandon everything for "Dafa".

II. Father held his child in the arm and committed suicide

Case 3: Gao Encheng, male, 42, a cadre of Tianbai town Industry and Commerce Station in Kai county of Chongqing City, and he was the principal of the Falun Gong practicing spot there. Gao and his wife Li Shaofen (25, unemployed) began to practice Falun Gong in November 1997. They bought related books and insist on practicing every morning and night. After that Gao changed his flinty character completely and became dumb. He seldom communicated with others and always practiced Gong at home. Gao was convinced by Li Hongzhi that when the practice reached a certain level, he would become immortal and obtain consummation.

On November 2, 1998, Gao cashed his money from the bank, gave 1800 yuan to Gao Li, his daughter with ex-wife. He asked her to pay attention to her study and told her that he was already a God. Then he gave 1000 yuan to his mother and father respectively, and gave 1800 yuan to Li Shaofen's mother. In the night of November 5, Gao told Zhang Zhizhao (one of the principles of the practicing spot) and others that he dreamed the night before that his wife Li Shaofen was a big snake in her preexistence, and she was reincarnated from a viper. At that night and the next morning, Gao cried at home. At 10 o'clock, November 6, he claimed in the studying meeting of Industry and Commerce Station, "The original nature of all men was good, all of you do not understand it. But my mentality has reached its peak after practicing ‘Falun Gong' for a year." Others debated with him in the meeting, but Gao said "I do not want to talk with you common people, only my son Gao Xiong understands me." After the meeting, Gao went back home and practiced Gong upstairs. Later he held his son in arms and jumped out from the fourth floor. The staffs of Industry and Commerce Station called doctors immediately, but his wife Li Shaofen didn't allow them to save him and thought Li Hongzhi can protect him. Eventually, since the salvage failed, Gao died, but his son came through after salvage.

Case 4: Long Gang, a farmer from Yong Chuan of Chongqing City, male, 31 years old. He began to practice Falun Gong in 1997. And before long he became absentminded and always talked nonsense. He always said the earth will be destroyed soon and claimed that he will fly to the heaven and avoid the calamity. In the early morning of July 17, 1999, he held his six years old son in arms and mumbled, broke the obstruction of his family members, ran all the way to the river and jumped down. His family members and neighbors tried to save him, and his son was saved in time. However, the body of Long Gang was found three days later. The wife of Long Gang said with grief, "I was frightened at that time and was only able to yield help. Since he began to practice Falun Gong, he became abnormal. Otherwise he would not jump down to the river. He just thought of becoming Buddha all day long and said he can sit and fly on the air."

Analysis of the reason

Like many other Cult hierarchs of the world, Li Hongzhi also advocated "the theory of doomsday". In books such as "Zhuan Falun", Li Hongzhi claimed that people were born with sins; they dropped from the heaven because their hearts were ruined and they were irredeemable. He said, "Bad people in the universe dropped to the earth, the center of the universe. The earth is a garbage station of the universe". He claimed, "A lot of generations had been destroyed during the calamities in the history and then new generation came into being", "There were totally 81 times when human being were in the state of complete extermination, and only very few people survive", "The first explosion of the earth was determined by the master of my master, and the second time was determined by my master, while the third time will be determined by me."

Li Hongzhi was extremely hostile to the present society. He thought that "human beings are degenerating and there are evils everywhere". The present human beings are degenerating to the extreme extent, and they are "full of every kind of sin", "very terrible". The gods do not regard human being as human being and they will destroy human being. "Complete extermination occurs both in body and in spirit, very terrible". "Doomsday" will befall soon, the earth will be exploded and human being will be destroyed. His "passing Gong" of this time will be the last chance of "releasing the souls of people"; people will face destruction if they missed the only chance.

Threatened by the "theory of doomsday", a lot of Falun Gong practitioners chose suicide to break away from the mental pressure and panic.

III. Deaths because of denying medical treatment

Case 5: The 12 years old son of Song Jihua, 62 years old elder from Nanguan district of Changchun City, Jilin province died because of denying medical treatment after practicing Falun Gong.

Twelve years age, Song Jihua, at the age of 50, and his wife Ma Xiurong gave birth to twin sons, which was a great happiness for the family. However, the elder son Song Shuanglong received medical treatment in hospital continuously because he was born with two more gristles in his nasal cavity. In the New Year's Day of 1999, the illness of Song Shuanglong became worse. At that time, Ma Xiurong, who had practiced Falun Gong for three years and firmly believed that Falun Gong can cure all diseases, began to teach Falun Gong to her son Song Shuanglong. However, he did not get better, on the contrary, his illness was worsened. Before that he cannot see things clearly, however, he lost his eyesight completely after practicing Falun Gong. Even at that time, Ma Xiurong still stiffly directed Song Shuanglong, who can hardly stand up, to practice various acts of Falun Gong. She believed Li Hongzhi would help his son break away from devil. In May 12, Song Shuanglong, who was just 12 years old, passed away at home. Song Jihua and Ma Xiurong were awakened by the bitter strike. They said we laid our account with Falun Gong when our son was alive, but we didn't believe it anymore after he died.

Analysis of the reason

Li Hongzhi advocated in his books like "Zhuan Falun" the so-called theory of "eliminating sins". He said the source of illness is the "sins" in people's another body of another space. And "the field of sins" sent out by the "sin" made people sick, "the primary reason of his illness and misfortune are sins", "which was the primary reason and source of illness". As a practitioner, you should not go to hospital and accept medical treatment if you want to cure all your illnesses and become God. The only way is to "eliminating sins" by practicing Falun Gong and take off the source of illness by taking the advantage of Master's "power". "Life, getting old, being sick and death are all have their own reasons. All of them are caused by sins, just like one should pay his debt." He also said, "The genuine practitioners won't get illness and encounter danger…The Gong of practitioners is capable of eliminating virus and sins automatically. Taking medicine was able to keep the sins under control, but medicine cannot clean up the body and thus cannot cure illness. You cannot be a superman if you cannot pass this barrier."

Misleading by Li Hongzhi's theory that practitioners should not take medicine when they get illness, a lot of Falun Gong practitioners died because of denying medical treatment, which delayed the treatment of illness.

IV. Mother killed her own daughter herself

Case 6: Guan Shuyun, female, a citizen of Yi Chun city of Heilongjiang province. She began to practice Falun Gong since April 1997. In order to focus on practicing, she "put down" anything else. She did not go to work, did not take care of her family and always practiced in midnight. Moreover, she tried to persuade her husband to practice with her and the couple always quarreled for it. She communicated the experience of "practicing" with other practitioners form time to time and expected to "obtain consummation" as soon as possible. Form April 19 to 22 in 2002, forty Falun Gong practitioners, including 4 teenagers gathered in the house of Guan Shuyun and collectively practiced "eliminating devil". In the morning of April 22, Guan Shuyun didn't allow her daughter Dai Nan to go to school and told other practitioners that there was a devil in the body of Dai Nan, which should be eliminated in case that the devil will cause great troubles. She asked Dai Nan sharply, "who on earth are you Where did you come from and what kind of wrongdoings you have committed And how many people have you murdered" Here daughter said with panic, "I am Dai Nan and I am not a devil. I am a truly human!" However, she was convinced that there was a devil in her daughter's body and pinched in her throat. Her daughter cried "Mama, Mama" and said helplessly, "I am a human, I am not a devil. I am Dai Nan. You are committing crime by killing me." Guan Shuyun told others that these are the words of the devil and pinched her daughter's throat even harder. As to the other practitioners, some of them kneeled down, some put their palms together and preyed the devil will be eliminated soon, some were afraid the devil would run up to them and hid at the corner of the wall, while some others just watched it numbly. Although her daughter struggled, she was unable to fight against the will of Guan Shuyun and died because of suffocation.

Analysis of the reason

Li Hongzhi said in "Zhuan Falun", "There are devils everywhere in the human's society", "the devils in the human's society run out and they can take anything they want from human". "There will be the phenomenon of ‘attracting devils' during the process of practice, and ‘attracting devils' is the phenomenon or vision arisen during the process of practice, which may influence practice. The purpose of the devils is to prevent practitioners from going to higher levels, and it can be called the devils are trying to get back your debt. With the higher level you reach, the chance of encountering issue of ‘attracting devil' would be higher". "If your purpose of practicing Gong is to make you healthier, the devils will not dominate you. But once you reach higher level, it will try to control you. It may use all kinds of means to disturb you and prevent you from getting to higher levels."

In addition, according to the theory of Li Hongzhi, human is not the only race that can practice, "substance and animals can practice too, and the world of human being should not be disturbed and controlled by those animals. Regicidal devils should be eliminated, which is also the necessity in the doomsday."

However, the reason that some Falun Gong practitioners regarded those who do not practice Falun Gong or even their own family members as "devils" which should be eliminated is just the heretical ideas and fallacies of Li Hongzhi. They brought harms to other people as well as themselves and left regrets in the rest of their lives.

(Facts.org.cn, March 7, 2008)

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